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Small female MTB-rider member of the Team Pirate

About me:

When I was still in school in 2002, I began my career with a MTB by riding CC-races. In my first season, I ended up on the first place in the youth ranking. Because I didn´t like the short races really much, because they´re to hard, I tried myself on long distance races. And at dual or fourcross-events. These were quite more stress free.

After riding fort wo years dual and fourcross, I became an official member of the German 4X National Team and started by wearing the jersey of Germany on plenty of races of the UCI-World-Cup, as well like at European Championhips. I travelled to lots of races all over Europe and rode over really awesome courses. It was really fantastic, to ride together will all of the stars of our sport. A time I won´t ever forget. Than, I had a really bad crash at a World-Cup race in Schladming, Austria, where I received 16 broken bones and so I my career as a downhill rider ended.

Luckily, I was able to use my legs after this injuries. Not everybody in this sport, by having this kind of crash is so lucky. But I knew for sure, that I´ll ride my bike again. Many don`t understand this, but anyone who never been married to with a Sport, can´t understand this decision. While I was still in rehab, I registered myself for a 24h race…a goal, which motivated myself, and brought me back my power.
Pirate Caro

Than, the 24h races became my favourite races. They were some kind of spare for the 4X-races. In 2011, I got my breakthrough, I became World Champion of the 24h MTB indoor race and in 2012 I became German Champion in the 12h indoor Race.
During the last year I participated at several races for a road bike-team and there I found another passion. But I really missed my MTB, and so I put my road bike by the side, to ride this year under the protection of the skull, and I want to race several MTB, but also some road bike races. But the main thing is for me, to ride races, which I like and attract me…

Pirate Caro

When I´m not on my bike, I try to become a doctor. After studying for half a decade at the university of Göttingen. I´ll start my  practical course in the hospital of Wolfenbüttel, near Braunschweig. And so, I´ll race down the streets and forest ways all around Braunschweig.
I often been underestimated because of my size 160cm, but I think riding in the Pirate jersey, will show you that I´m up to no good and that I´m not just riding bike, I´m racing bike.

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