Brrrr….. Cold start of the triathlon season 2013 ….

Somehow, I wished me some more comfortable conditions for my first triathlon in the year of 2013. It was just 10degrees in Aachen Brand, the last Sunday in April, and no sun at all. But who care´s, I´ll start for sure
Pirate Aachen

At least we swam in an indoor pool. The water had a comfortable temperature of 24degrees. I had a really good swimming I just needed 8:57min for the 500m, than it was time for cycling…
Pirate aachen

The bike course over 24km was hilly, but at least, it was time enough to warm up and to dry yourself, I felt good, and no one passed me at least.
Auf den hügeligen nächsten 24 km konnte ich mich schließlich einigermaßen warm und trocken fahren und vom Gefühl her lief´s ganz gut, jedenfalls hat mich keiner überholt …
Pirate Aachen

Than it was time for running and the closing 5,4km were quite hard.
Pirate aachen

I finished with a time of 1:20h and became 4th overall women and 1st in my AG, yes.
See you soon,




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