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Ibbenbürener Cliff Run

Last Saturday, about 1000 brave people met themselves to participate at the 2nd Cliff Run of Ibbenbüren.

A hard course lay ahead of the participants, 25km and 520m of altitude. ) long ascents with up to 20%, forced every athletes to its limits..
Pirate Klippenlauf
This run, was a preparation for myself, for the marathon in Hamburg

Pirate Klippenlauf

I finished with a time of
2:11:52h on the 177th place overall and the 47th in my AG (45). But I was satisfied with my result under these conditions with storm and temperatures around zero degrees.
Pirate Klippenlauf

More information of the cliff run: www.marathon-ibbenbueren.de

On Easter Saturday, I´ll participate at the half marathon in Steinbeck

More information on : www.steinbeck-osterlauf.de

Mike Sonntag


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