Team PIRATE Orientation :)

Ahoy Pirates,

I did a Navigation contest before in Mainz, I reported you. And because of the fact, that at 30.06.13 took another Navigation Contest part in our region, I was able to motivate Jan, to participate. He´s not that good on the bike like I´m but he´s better in navigate, and so it good be a familial duel.
Pirate Wörrstadt

First of all we fixed the chip and the card holder to our bikes, thank you Olaf from Black Tusk for helping Jan with it. I fixed mine myself, sadly not good enough because it slipped throughout the race
Pirate Wörrstadt

The start for all was at 10:00o´clock with different ways for everyone. Funny, Jan and myself received the same and always changed looks because my choice of ways wasn´t the best. But than between guard 11 and 12 of 14, Jan choose another way than me, but mine was better this time and so I was able to gain a gap to him and could defend it until the finish.
Pirate Wörrstadt

After all there were 6 men and one female rider at the start and I was become overall 3rd and Jan 5th.

We had fun and we´re looking forward for the next contest to come

Doro & Jan


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