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Kerstcross in Eibergen at our Dutch neighbours 
At the 26.12.12 I was at our Dutch neighbours to participate at the Kerstcross (= Christmas cross).
Guido Pütz
Cyclocross Stevens Cup in Hamburg-Harburg
The X-MAS CC-race is a wonderful meeting point for the large CC-family. You can either partipate or just enjoy the coffee, cakes or hot mulled wine.
Ronald Prinzlau
Victory in Kaltenkirchen
While my beloved  husband still lay in bed because of an injured back and I trained pretty much this week and I was in a good mood
at the start in Kaltenkirchen.

Benita Wesselhöft
Stevens CC-Cup in Kaltenkirchen
While we having grubby thawing, we weren´t that much Pirates than usually, but we were in a good mood.
Ronald Prinzlau
Bulletin of GOW Oldenzaal 01.12.2012
Saturday is my favourite day to race. So, you still got, half of the weekend left and the whole
Saturday is not being wasted because of exercise.

Guido Pütz

Short`n fast
… was the slogan of the 17.11.12 at the 4,2km run by the SIG Combibloc. But also 4,2km can be long…After an exercise break of 2 weeks because of my tendon problems. After I warmed up really good, it was time for the start, even the Capt´n and the girls warmed up a little bit…
Svenja Jütte

Cyclocross Stevens Cup in Elmshorn
While having really good weather conditions, the Team Pirate wanted to participate
Ronald Prinzlau

Rursee 2012
It was a really hard 16km race at the Rursee on the 04.11.12. Sadly I had some problems with my Achillis, so I wasn´t able to train that much, but the 16km of the Rursee race, I wanted to run by heart. I received some Kinesio before and it helped and worked and also I did a longer warming up.
Svenja Jütte

Championships of Northern Germany
Wonderful weather conditions: wet, but not cold and the ground wonderful slippery, the best conditions for a
CC-Championships. My little blue Felt, didn´t have to solve the race all alone, it was being reinforced by my little white…

Benita Karrasch-Wesselhoeft

5 KM Pacemaker…!!! I can´t do that…!!! J
Old ship´s cobold…!!!
Heike wanted to run the 5km at her own contest of the DJK and that, as fast as she can.

Robert Dreyling

"Blutsventje News" MTB Elininator Sprint Leipzig
Moin Landlubbers,
while all the rest of the Pirate Team, participate at the National Association Championships in CC and ride
thru the mud, it was my turn to participate at the MTB Eliminator Sprint in
Leipzig, in line
with the exhibition for bike and triathlon, by riding indoor…

Ubi Blutsventje Weidner

A glissade is funny – Roadrunner at the Rursee-Marathon
Normally my last race of the season should be the half-marathon in Cologne, but I was ill, had the flu and so I wasn´t able to participate at it.
Dirk Kunze

Cyclocross Championship of the National Association in Wedel
or...figure ice skating near the
Elbe ;)
Ronald Prinzlau
Crossing seven brigdes … Roadrunner at the  Rur-bridge-run in Linnich
But,to be honest there were just two bridges on the 17.11.12 at the 19th Rur-bridge-run of the SLC Ameln in Linnich, at the 4,2km run…  But one thing after another, first it was time for the mighty´s Pirates…
Dirk Kunze

Moin Moin,
last Sunday, Team Pirate entered and rocked Kiel… 
...and I haven´t really dreamed about it, that I would fell in love with the jerseys of Stevens

Left Leader jersey of  Domenik Karrasch and on the right hand side Leader jersey of Volker Simonsen

Ronald Prinzlau

Rursee Marathon
Normally the Rursee Marathon wasn´t on my schedule this year,but when November approaches I thought more´n more
about the run, something you still should make this year.

Rob Drey

„Twice the  1“
11.11.12 – 3rd run in  Groß Briesen (Cross-Country-Series of the RSV Germania Graeben)
Last Sunday was the last race of the cross country series of the RSV Germania Graeben. I was registered for the hobby class race DOB 98 and older and my number was the 11. Twice the 1, but more later…

Lars Burchert

Cyclocross at the Weser- Ems- Cup in Cloppenburg
We were really looking forward for the 5th run of the Weser-Ems-Cup. The course leads you thru the forest of Bühren, like in
all the years before. The course got lots of roots,many turns, hills and hindrances.

Tanja und Guido Pütz

Prolog ESK and 2nd race of the CycloCross Cup
The beginning of my cyclo-cross season this year was the Klaus Störtebecker Memorial Cup of the
Eisenschweinkader Berlin. This is a really legendary race with a really ambitious and varied course and
almost nothing can overcall this event. The course lays directly in the idyllic
park of Görlitz at the
foot of the Rodelberg and was decorated with grave candles.

Jost Litzen

A brand new experience.  CherryMan 2012
The 11.08.2012  was the date of my first triathlon ever. I registered myself to participate for the CherryMan, don´t ask me why.
You have to know, normally I got a engine which push me forward, now I had to di it all by myself, with my new
bIke a Staiger, which I bought myself 18years ago with the monex of my confirmation

Heiko Werner

Moin Pirates,
I participated at two races last month with some good pictures and results.
Jost Litzen

"Moonrookie" at the 25th  Bultensee Cross-Duathlon
...after my dentist renovated my dining room, I had to take a break of exercising and I was very dull of participating
at a cyclo crss race, suddenly I had an idea, about this trial, called duathlon, duathlon means two different
disciplines, not together, but one after each other,that´s the fact I was understanding, I shoulg get this all together.

Monika Reker

At the  21.10.12 were all the girls of our family participating at the Forest run of Hambach
For my tiny, was it the first contest at all, the start was a little bit later than announced, but than the girls could run the 250m of the children run, it´s really far  and long for the tiny´s…
Svenja Jütte

Thyme Zones
What??? Suddenly I´m on contest mode again and lined up to get my starting number on my arms and legs printed.
What happened? It seems that the terrible season, lead to another triathlon participation for me.
Daniel Flöttmann

Harz-Mountain Run- Up and Down the Brocken
Annually and this year for the 35th time at the 2nd weekend in October is the Harz-mountain run in Werningerode. A marathon up and down the Brocken with  more than 1000m of altitude, you also can run a half marathon, which is also quite exhausting…
Daniela Rohlfs

Breuberg or it´s not that easy, to finish the last but one
At the 03.10.12 was the cross-duathlon in Breuberg, organized by Ralph Berner and because of the fact, that I´m not able to run, trouble with my feet again, I tried to find a female  runner for my team.
Doro Richters

Race bulletin from Neumünster:
So, now I´m doing cyclo-cross again!
Leif Borlinghaus

10 km run in Herzogenrath
This time I went to Herzogenrath to participate at an 10km run on the last Saturday in October. It was a quite huge event, while weh ad a bright sunny sky with cold temperatures, luckily the start fort he 10km was at noon.
Svenja Jütte

A longer trip to an event and the race is getting bettter and better......
Münsterland Giro 03.10.2012 Season final 2012

After I knew, that races close to my house, aren´t that good for me, I decided to travel to Münster to participate at the Giro of the Mpünsterland in a team of 4, together with Raini, Ron, moni and Bütti, well a team with 3, Ron, Bütti and Moni, well to be honest just to of them, Bütti and Moni.

Thomas Büttner

28.10.12 – Cross-Country-Series of the  RSV Germania Graeben
On Sunday was the start of the 2nd run of the cross country series in Radewege
 The start of the hobby class (1998 and older) was at 13:30o´clock…
Lars Burchert

A journey bulletin of trip to Portugal
A movie from riding MTB…....
Gaby and myself were hosted at Pirate Titus in Tavira/
Portugal . Our view from the back of our house, right behind the bushes is the Atlantic ocean….
Ronald Prinzlau

Cup of Germany  in HH-Horn
A really good built up course in Horn by Schwedel. Chapeau and thank you…
Sadly I just took a movie from the girls;-) ...

Ronald Prinzlau

3rd place „ bij de dames“ at our Dutch neighbourson the  27.10.2012!
Yesterday was another GOW-race in Hardenberg, Netherland.
Tanja Pütz

"Blutsventje News" MTB Energy Race 2012
Moin Landlubbers,
it was a wonderful autumn day in October and I wanted to participate at the MTB Energy Race 2012 in Ettlingen, a 30km short distance marathon race right around the Kreuzelberg in Ettlingen.

Ubi "Blutsventje" Weidner

Cup of Germany in Lohne near Vechta at the 21.10.2012
Today, was the day for one race of the Cup of Germany in Lohne, all around the tower.
Guido Pütz

Double weekend in Surwold und Papenburg
Finally it was time for the cyclo-cross season to start., sadly we missed the opening race at the Alfsee, because we both were ill. But the weekend later was a race in Surwold.
Guido Pütz

On a short term, I decided myself to participate at a race located right in front of my door, to be honest: I looked up every weather channel on Friday, for sunshine on Sunday, nd there I registered myself.
Thomas Büttner

Public Services Run  in Düren by the TV Arnoldsweiler
Another running premier for myself, this time at the 29.09.12 at the Public Services Run in Düren of the TV Arnoldsweiler.
svenja jütte

Flatten the dirt at the P-Way
You just talk a bit, and than you remark. Damn it, the date of the P-Way, fits directly in you race schedule and as a preparation run. So, I tried to recieve a spot and got it, thanky you Pitjes for that.
Dirk Kunze

Interstate Race 2012
At the 29.09.12 it was my time to dedicate on e part of the A71 from Artern to Sangershausen with my MTB.
Christian Krahmann

Moin Pirates,
My 2nd 24h race this year I rode in Wittenborn together with Daniela, Stefan and Torben as a 4mix team.
Jost Litzen

X-Terra Harburg
Cross country, an Xterra duathlon at the 29.9.12 in the mountain of Harburg.
Melina Sen

Urban Park Run in Würselen
At the 22.9. I partipated fort he first time at the Urban Park Run in Würselen. If I knew it before how wonderful this run is, I would have participated here in the years before as well. While we had a bright sunny autumn sky, I went on Saturday afternoon to run the 10,4km course, right thru the Urban Park into the Wurm valley. It was a round course and really wonderful, even the constant up and down was soft and ambitious.
Svenja Jütte

Moin Pirates,
the P Way 2012 should be a long distnce form e this year.
Jost Litzen

Just fun – Roadrunner runs down the bitumen
If someone told me a year ago, that I just would run a marathon for fun, I would have keelhaul himself. But the 10th Hella-Marathon-Night should be a marathon for fun. Just to enjoy it, after the worse weather conditions of last time. Yes, some of you will say, that´s not possible..
Dirk Kunze

1st Cyclo-Cross-Race of the Stevenscup series in Norderstedt
Things started for me very „good“…but the rest of the team was really awesome…
The girls started that day and the Pirate Team had 5 of it.
Ronald Prinzlau

After I refreshed my legs on the day before at the BSG-Run, I went directly the next day to participat at the 10km run in Düren. Last year I won here a fantastic gift basket, and I wanted to have a new one.
Svenja Jütte

Trattenberg Trophy 23. September
My legs were really good, no pain and I was able to push the pedal really hard. In the beginning I had some problems, because I just arrived only two minutes before the start and crash because I stepped into a hole in the ground and so, I had to fight my way to the front from the far end of the race field.
Michael Zanon

"Blutsventje News" Grazer Bike-Marathon Stattegg
Moin Landlubbers,
I made a short trip to Graz, to participate at the 11th Grazer Bike-Marathon Stattegg at the 19.08.12.
Ubi "Blutsventje" Weidner

My first race bulletin J
I thought it over for a long time, which contest I shoud take for my first Pirate contest, and finally it was really easy.

Bad Salzdetfurth 2012 – CC Premier LEague Final and German Hobby Championships
The RAPIRO RACING TEAM invites for a showdown in Lamme at the 15/16.09.12. It was a very hard´n tough but beautiful course for sprinter, it was my 6th time to participate here. I had no choice, because I almost know everyboy here and this is my exercise sanctuary, but that does not mean that I like the course.
Andre Döring

Biketrial Pirate Marcel Ahrens @Hessencup 2012 Fürstenhagen Result: Class: „Expert“ 1st place
Now it was time again fort he annually Trophy of Hessen at the 16.07.12.
Marcel Ahrens

Cross_Duathlon in Hamburg
Actually I registered myself for the cross duathlon in Hamburg-Harburg, but with only 3times running with each time only 30minutes was my training not the best for it. Mighty mouse Jule already arrived on Friday and wanted to ride a little bit with Andre Zamponi on Saturday until Andre remarked that Saturday was his birthday and his grand parent wanted to visit him that day. So, I said the mighty mouse, that I would ride with her.
Ronald Prinzlau

BSG Autumn-Run
Friday last week the BSG of theresearch station arranged their annually autumn –run, on the same course like the spring-run, all around the research station, about 8,4km.
Svenja Jütte

1.Debanttal Sprint to the saw...a short but really hard´n tough MTB-race...
We started within only a secong difference, so the field was very close together...it was a fantastic race...
Michael Zanon

Trip on Sunday with our cyclo cross bikes...
It was a funny day with Willy Schaffner, Jens Schwedler and 10 other Pirates, while we had our cyclo-cross-technical exercise weekend.
Ronald Prinzlau

Hobby German Championships in Bad Salzdetfurth at the  15.09.to16.09.2012
The start for the seniorIIclass was on Saturday at 12:00o´clock, the start was delayed by 15minutes. I startes from the 2nd row togehter with Andre, which was a good choice. The speed was really hard and fast right from the beginning, to get a good position after 450m when you came to the first uphill section.
Guido Kosler

Finylly they married, Robby.K change to Robby.KW
Since the  1.9.12, it´s all clear, we promised to thrust and to look for each other in front of the altar.
Robert Karrasch-Wesselhöft
A race bulletin of the  Algarve.
Date: 16.09.2012 / Location: Tavira / Race: 3º Passeio BTT Santo Estêvão
Course: 50km and 30km
last year I finished on the 15th place, now one year later with some more exercise, I´m dreaming of a place
on the podium.
Titus Seipold

Heike goes TRIATHLON !!! J
Now it was time, for Heikés first triathlom. Obviously it should had happened quite earlier aber because of some other contests, like the German, West German Championships it was a little bit delayed, but now it should bet he triathlon in Ratingen. And so it came like this.
Robert Dreyling

P-Way 2012, Victory!!!!!!!!
P-Way is not only a race fot thr MTB`s, aswell fort he runners!!!
Svenja Jütte

Wittenborn 24h Pirate Party...
On Friday I got my „repaired“ car back from the garage and fastly we packed it, but we forgot half of the stuff. Than finally on Saturday morning we drove over the A7 heading north. To the nothernmost 24h race of Germany and for the longest night, about 12h...
Ronald Prinzlau

Red Bull Dolomite-man by wearing the  zebra dress :)
…of course it´s like magnet!!!We even made into the lacal newspapers- Osttiroler Bote...
Michael Zanon

It wasmy third try to get to the starting line, in 2009 I was injured, in 2010 I had the flu, in 2011 I didn´t want to particpate because of Murphy´s law an so it was my time in 2012. And, guess what, I made it to the starting line, I was really excited because of the large amount of starters.

Wencke Kaup
Ahoy Piraten, 
now I´m ready to join on the battle fields  of the world
Titus Seipold

Finally ...endless sunpower...
At the beginning of the week itwas finally time for…Dirk visited us and helped us by buiding up the PV-construction.
Ronald Prinzlau

Weekend at Hakan 2012
Our party at the weekend at Hakan we did at the Chrome again like last year, by eating burger, steaks and spare ribs…
Ronald Prinzlau

Cycling on the Ring  -  24 h MtB single rider (328 km – 5960 hm- 19.48 h riding time )
I really like the 24h race in Munich, of course I didn´t like the rain.
And so, when Rainer, Capt´n Speed, asked me, if I would participate at another 24h race, I said yes, and so it came. Everything was perfectly organized and planned by him in Munich.
Andre Döring

I won the race from behind …
…. the  16. Willicher triathlon at the 2.9.2012.
While we had comfortable temperatures we headed to Willich on Sunday morning to the pool area “ De Bütt” tp participate at a sprinting distance triathlon.

Svenja Jütte

1 % Bad Pirate - 100 % Fun – 1st place P-Way Ultra...
with Bad Bone Bütti, Pitjes and myself, Rainer had to ride his Dötlinger 8 all alone, what a pity,
if he would be here aswell, them the 1% Bad Pirate Crew would be participate comeplete here, at the P-Way.
Monika Reker

One time up and down again ….
…. Was the slogan at the  Montelino run, with its start in Niederzier att he 28.08.12. For the first time they offered a 10km run, like the small brother of the large Monte Sophia run about 28km. First of all you had to run towards the Sophien-peak and than up.
Svenja Jütte

Torfmoorsee Triathlon
Last Sunday 4 Pirates went to participate at a triathlon at the Torfmoorsee
Mike Sonntag

P-Weg 2012
This year, we just arrived right before the start, after the race in Tittenhausen. ( we are: Astrid, Julia, Stephan and myself)
Bulletin will follow tomorrow…
Ronald Prinzlau

I just ran for fun a mountain half marathon, just to know, if I´m able to run and finish it. It works and it was a wonderful experience.

Michael Zanon

24h MTB race at the Nürburgring
Next time, I´ll start here with my roadbike again, but at least with my caravan...
Ronald Prinzlau

4wins + one
The relay season started with the Trilagon in Heidelberg. There we wanted to do a sprinting distance while we had the best Pirate-Rocking-Weather. 10degrees and pouring rain. Philippe escaped the waters while lying on the 2nd place and our change was really fast as well..
Robert Dreyling


I mis-counted myself …..
…. At the 10km street run in Dürwiss in beginning of august. I ran this traditionally run for the first time. You have to run 5 round thru the streets of Dürwiss. At all places of the course you got spectators and viewers. Every inhabitant of this town is standing on the sidewalk and makes his own party. Just pure fun and really cheerfully...
Svenja Jütte

Bulletin from Saalhausen.
Moin, Moin,
at the 25.08.2012 I went to Saalhausen fort he 5th run of the Nutrixxon marathon trophy. On my body you still were able to see all the cuts and bruises from last weeks race. Sadly the weather wasn´t like the weather forecast told us, it was raining and the course became really slippery. It wasn´t a real advantage on the root trails...

On a marathon course in Neustadt a.d.W. or the weekend of the crashes
This year is not a good year for riding marathon races. First I had to cancel the race in Bad Wildbach, than I had a crash on anexercise unit on Friday before the race. Now my new skin is made of cuts and bruises.
But as you all know, Pirates don´t know any pain and so...cancelling the race was no option.
Marcel Krahmann

...3 times 3 is 9...
Wait, no wy, it´s not  Pipi Langstrumpf, it´s me and mysubcriberto the  3rd place!
Vattenfall Cyclassics 159 km: 3rd place overall & AG Bremen Challenge 136 km: 6th palce overall & 3.Platz AG
Monika Reker
Leppner Alm Trophy!
3rd place class M common (6th place overall)
time:  45min
9,5 km
822 m of ltitude
average ascent 12%
Michael Zanon

It was about time gain from the 11.08 until the 18.08.2012.
Finally it was time again for some holidays at Lake Garda. Of course it wasn´t just a holiday for relaxing,it was even time for some biking, and so I rented a 29MTB for two days. A Raven29R was my choice at the FOCUS-Testcenter. I always wanted to ride a 29MTB, I have to say it, it was worth it...
On the firstday, I took a trip into the back country of Garda.  I used the service of TrackSpace-Software to find me a trip of about 55km and 1700m of altitude.
Michael Heins

Up to the next sweep :)
Klander Mountain Run (Greifenburg)
2nd place. (Männer 30) 
4th place overall
Michael Zanon

HH-Cityman - We did it!
MAybe anyone of you will remember a date of three triathlon rookies on FB, as a fun-relay-team,
fort he Cityman Triathlon in Hamburg.

Monika Reker
Raini`s Triathlon-Foodie Kitchen Küche ...
or what to do in the case of hypoglycemia???
We all know, that Raini likes to eat sweets, and that his wife
Sabrina is already used to it, but even she, hasn´t see his nutritionhint before at the triathlon in Hamburg.
Something really new out of his fast and un-complicated kitchen...
Monika Reker

Brunsbergrun 2012
The hill of Brunsberg is with ist 129m one of the largest hills of northern Germany in the moorland. And the Brunsberg run is a 11,5km cross-race, with about 2km to run on bitumen, and the rest is really ambitious, because you have to run over stones, sticks, and a constant up and down.
Daniela Rohlfs

Moin Landlubbers,
Heading Palaninate….for the 3rd race of the German Master Series 2012, which took part on one of my favorite courses at   the Sigma  Sport Bike Marathn inBeustadt a.d.W. at the 12.08.2012. On the middle distance over 57km and 1450m of altitude you got lots of nice trails.
Ubi "blutsventje" Weidner

Bremen Challenge 2012
Pirate Team, was on course to dread the world again…
Ronald Prinzlau

Trails Trails Trails was the slogan of this marathon in Neustadt a.d.W. While all the other races wanted to challenge the riders with wideforest high ways and want to test the condition of the riders, the guys from Neustadt wanted to test the whole rider with all his offroad-skills. So, you had for miles and miles single-trails only wide as a hand thru the mountains of the palaninate hills,  and these are hills, I can tell you.
Michael Gnannt

At the 18.08.12, I wanted to participate in Grafschaft on the short distance over 47km and 1,195m of altitude, while we had wonderful weather.
Martin "Elvis" Krankemann
94 Km Ultra-race with more than 4400m of altitude. I finished 12 in my age-group M30 with a time of 6:30h.

Michael Zanon

A wonderful time at the Alsace
Moin Pirate brood… or  friends of the Pirate brood  or those who wants to become some of this…
Hakan Özoglan

I rode the 55km. 
It have been the first Cyclassics for myself and the first race of the kind for me ever. Because of that,I
was pretty nervous and excited.
Martin Braatz
Salzkammergut Trophy, which was fucking hard.
AG: 2nd  Overall place: 20 
Start at 5:00 ..still dark! :)
Length: 211 km
Altitude: 7000m
Riding time: 12h 35min
The last 3h of this race, were attended by some heavy rainfalls and some of the riders hadt to quit, because of exhausting or because of freezing.
Michael Zanon
Couple time trial in  Henstedt Ulzburg...
Before the start we were in a quite good mood, plumber Mario with me and I lent him my time machine and it fits him…
We wanted to ride an average speed of 45km/h… Ronald Prinzlau
Bulletin of the  SKS-Marathon in Grafschaft at the 18.08.12
Talking plain: It was hot, it was exhausting, it was fucking awesome. And it was bright, as you can see in Schmallenberg-Grafschaft…

Wencke Kaup

Norseman 2012 – Extreme Triathlon – 04.08.2012
The preparation:
My flight was booked on the 27.07.2012 to Norway. After 2 hours we landed (athlete, runner-support, bike-bottle-support and race-day-driver ) at the airport of Oslo.Florian Kratz

Hello altogether, 
at the 11.08.2012, I went to Nordenau together with about 370 others on the course. It was a little bit strange feeling to ride, because it was all dry.

Martin "Elvis" Krankemann
Channel Triathlon Rheine  12.08.2012
It was a Sunday of sunshine and good mood, the best cirumstances for a triathlon. The 11th Channel
Triathlon in Altenrheine should take place, only half an hour ride away from our home. Guido Pütz
at the 05.08.2012 we participated at the Motocross-race in Sontra
Because Sontra is close by, and  that I way really excited about the viewers and supporters last year; I dicided myself to start at the race in the day liscence-race.
Heiko Werner

Hello Pirates.
At the 29.07.2012 was time for the 19th triathlon at the Silbersee. No way, not the palce were Winnetou lived, it´s a tiny location in Stuhr-Groß Mackenstedt.
Tobias Gende

at the 29.07.2012, was the 5th run of the NMX-Cup, and because of the fucking weather, their were no runs on Saturday.
Niklas Hansen

OstseeMan 2012
Finally, Torben and myself participiated here, at one of the toughest long distance triathlons of Germany, even of Europe, if you believe the organizer, by wearing the right clothes. Right clothes? Yes, the Pirate-dress, the triathlon suit.
Daniela Rohlfs

Duisburg 2012
I don´t, why I had the idea, to ride in Duisburg by my own…
Mrs. Kaup while hireing;)
Ronald Prinzlau

"Blutsventje News"
2nd MTB-cup of Klotten  
Moin Landlubbers,
Victory! Victory of my age-group at the 60km race of the 2nd MTB-cup of Klotten. 19 starters wanted to compete on the short distance ( 30km/750 m of altitude) and long distance ( 60km and 1500m of altitude) MTB-cup in Klotten/ Mosel.
Ubi "Blutsventje" Weidner
Snake Triathlon
Like in the last year I wanted to participate at the Snake-Triathlon at the 14.07.2012. Schlangenbad is just 30km and 300m
of altitude away from my home and so I rode by bike there. At the Snake-Triathlon you´ve to solve 600m of swim,
17km MTB and a 5,5 cross-run. It rained the days befoe and so the course became a really mud and slippery course. Doro Richters

Phew� still possible, under 40minutes.
Again, another run in the evening, normally not my favorite time to run, but anyhow, at the 21.07.2012, I went to Birkesdorf, fort he Isola-bridge run. It was my first time to participate here and I kept a close eye on the course. Allrigth, two rounds to run. At the start, lots of the people looked very fast, but wait´n see…
Svenja Jütte

The Zillertal invited...
Right in the middle of the week, a few days before the 2nd Saturday of July, we packed our stuff, our bikes and what else into our van and we travelled from the flat Lower Rhine to the hilly Zillertal, our goal was the 4th Zillertal Bike Challenge.
Ute und Nils Gieskes

German Cross Country Race in Goldbach 
Moin, at the 21.07.2012 we drove to the German Cross Country race in Goldbach. We started at 8:00o´clock,
towards Frankfurt and what we have? Just rain again.
Heiko Werner

Moin Moin,
last weekend I went to Albstart to participate over the course of 86km with 1850m of altitude.
"Elvis" Martin Krankemann

Obermaubach …
 Now, it is the time for the evenings runs. I just keep asking myself, where the summer is, but anyhow,
normally thew starts at this time of the season are in the late afternoon.
Svenja Jütte
At the 21.07.2012 it was time again, all the Bike-marathon rider, will raise their tents in Albstadt, to
participate at the 18th Albstadt Bike Marathon. More than 3000 bikers wanted to participate, and were an
impressive scenery in downtown of Albstadt.

Michael Gnannt

1st place age-groupe

On Saturday the 21.07.2012 was time for the Allgäu Olympic triathlon.  Because of the bad weather forecast,
I was a liitle bit sceptical before the race, while we had temperatures around 10degrees and drizzle.

Daniel Ritthammer

Hola Piratas....
On Sunday the 15.07.2012, was time fort he „ Wachauer“…
Wolfgang Huber-Juratsch

Tour de Wendland 2012
...normally I used to be here in the Wendland together with thousands of anti-nuclear-power spectators, sitting in car and having a circling blue light on the roof, but this time, I´ve been here without nuclear power, just with some Pirates.
Monika Reker

Mondsee 5 Lakes Marathon 01.07.12. Red Hot Battle part 2.

Wolfgang Huber-Juratsch

Searching the camera chip, part 2…
or....Willingen was funny indeed ;)
Ronald Prinzlau

Last week in Monaco
We just arrived in Vieux Port angelegt and just fixed the cannons
Bernd Schiermeister

Hannover 2012
After Moni and myself had some fun with our Cyclo-Cross-bikes and MTB´S in the mud,
we tried our fortune on our road bikes as well, and we choose the Velo Challenge 2012 of Hannover for our try.
Rainer van Ellen

No FISHERMAN 2012 without a PIRATE
A wonderful and good organized Children-, Sprint-,Everybody and/or relay triathlon.
We had wonderful weather, with a wonderful organization in/at all three disciplines.
Michael Mixdorf

12h of Bersenbrück
The 12h race of Bersenbrück is donation bike race. They collect money for a women´s refuge, a hospital and for the youth of the club. It was the 5th time, this race took part, but this year for the first time with a MTB-course. Anyway, we choose the roadbike race.
Daniela Rohlfs

Soon after we arrived and we went to recieve our starting package on the day before the start, Kristian ( Schoki) Schoknecht had some problems.
Thomas Helbing

Kitzenhaus-run –just following the rabbit ….
Our tallest couldn´t wait any more, finally the day arrvied, the run with the rabbit.
Svenja Jütte

One more bulletin of the „BBQ“ weekend in Lübeck
Everytime I´m wondering about how myny things fits into a Hummer. 3bikes, tools, assembly stand,  bags and more…
Ronald Prinzlau

At the Robby.K was told to attend the Derny Cup  in Hamburg
06.07.2012 was the Derny Cup of Hamburg. Thousands of viewers should be there and should be able to see some really interesting races, that they should catch their breath…
Ronald Prinzlau

My little running mouse  at the  Reeboks Womans Run....
Like in the last years, Gaby wanted to participate again at the Reebok Womans Run. This time she wanted to run the 8km distance.
Ronald Prinzlau

PIRATE undercover at the  Craft Bike Trans Germany
Last year my faithful sponsor SEBAMED told me, that he would offer me one of the coveted starting places at the Crat Bike Trans Germany, well, how could I say no??? So, I booked the accommodations for the team and the supporters ( Holger and Pirate Jan).
Doro Richters

Hello Pirates .
At the 08.07.2012 I presented our colors in Wardenburg. A small town near Oldenburg. At an event called” Summer run of Wardenburg”. You could choose between 3 different courses: 5km, 10km or the half-marathon distance.
Tobias Gende
3 Loonies for  Moonreker and the maniac Pirate Enter Crew,
were participating at the 10th 24h MTB-race in the Olympic parc of Munich.
Rainer van Ellen
3:45o´clock moskito  alert and 106 km later: 2nd place 
Well, after the VeloChallenge in Hannover were I missed the podium by only seconds
(4th overall, 2nd age-group) Obviously Raini wanted to write a bulletin…???
Monika Reker

Mittelmosel Triathlon
I alread yparticipated here in 2010 and wasn´t really satisfied with my performance and result and I still got an open bill with this race and I want to pay it this year.
Doro Richters

Moin Moin,
at the 16.06.12 was the 3rd runof the NMX-Cup in Apenburg.
Niki Hansen

Our latest member of out  sponsors is:  O-Synce
Some really awesome products (even“Satnav“) are already available for our team rider, skipper and team-members in our “  Crewshop

Victory at the Duathlon of  Lorsbach
Last I won the women Cross Duathlon of Lorsbach over the main distance of 5-22-5 and I wanted to defend my title this year.
Doro Richters

.....It was time again, time fort he marathon of St.Pölten on Sunday the 24.06.2012. Surprise, surprise, this year the weather was really good with a bright sunny sky and warm temperatures instead of last year: storm and rain.
Wolfgang Huber-Juratsch

Raphaela at a 2h CC-marathon in  Wetter
After a having a break for more than 8weeks, I wanted to start at the 23.06.2012 at the Ruhrbike Festival in Wetter/Ruhr a NRW marathon trophy race. This time was a 2h cross country race at the Hartkortberg on the schedule.
Raphaela Drachenblut

Westfalentriathlon 2012 in Dortmund
The weather forecast was really good, when I put my bike in my car at 9:00o´clock and rode towards Dortmund.
Henning Feigl

Guido and Tanja at a 2h race in Wetter at the 23.06.2012
At the 23.06.2012 we were registered fort he 2h race in Wetter and met there the two Pirated Wencke and Raphaela. Wencke was a local and was a member of the organization team and also a track attendant and told us, that we should place our changing bottles at her location.
Guido Pütz

BIKE Trans Germany 2012...
Escape the daily grind and exploring the world
Nils Gieskes

Hello altogether,
Things were the same as usually in Willingen, bad weather adn the last day of the event was the best. But someone of the olders told me, that in the earlier years they had wonderful weather during the whole event.
Martin Krankemann aka "Elvis"
2nd place in Pirmasens a  the 17.06.2012
Last year we won the team-ranking in Pirmasens of the women and won a challenge cup, because of this
we had to participate here again this year, to bring back the cup and  or not to defend it.
Doro Richters

1st Wild Boar Run in the Harz
Obvisoulsly I wanted this season to concentrate myself only on riding MTB, but I didn´t want to miss the 1st Wild Boar Run in the Harz as well, and so I decided myself to run only one round over 7km, normally you had to run 3rounds.
Marcel Höche


PIRATE Road bike weekend in Lübeck
Once upon a time, I had an idea of invite the whole bunch of Pirates to me in Lübeck. I had to steal lots of goods and foods to feed up the whole bunch.
Monika Reker

Almost everybody stand together against the weather.
The 2nd of Juune 2012 was the most bad day fro running a marathon.
Klaus Morlock

I r o n m a n   7 0 . 3   I t a l y   i n   P e s c a r a !
Race day morning at 6:00o´clock on the `ponte del mare` von Walter Pichler. In the background you can see the snowy peak of the  Gran Sasso with more than 3000m!
Daniel Ritthammer

TrengaDe Clausthal-Zellerfeld Marathon at the 3.06.2012
When I stand at the starting line of the 102km long distance bike marathon in the Harz at 9:00o´clock under such bad weather conditions, I didn´t know yet, that it would be a really mud party after all.
Andre Döring

Family MTB Tour No. One
The alteration of our MTB-Tandem is ready, now it was time fort he first ride with it.
Jörn Faul

18. Wildeshauser evening run at the  9. June 2012 (2 km, 6,4 km, 12,5 km)
Hello Pirates.
Here just for you my bulletin of the 18th evening run in Wildeshausen. I didn´t know anything about this run before, for though I only live 25km away. Ir ead about it in the newspaper and I decided myself to register for it.
Tobias Gende

Dripping wet in Derichsweiler …
Somehow, it was time for him to come, the rain.It came at the 3.6.12 at the public run in Deri hsweiler, but for sure we ran…
Svenja Jütte

Cityl run in Lingen at the  02.06.2012
A contest right in front of house? Of course we participated there, as in the last years, at the city run of Lingen.
Tanja & Guido Pütz


Berlin, Berlin
At the  Velothon in Berlin we were temporarily up tom9 Pirates who rode together and that really fast, and we also reached our goal of an average speed over 40km/h even with a flat tyre.
Ronald Prinzlau

German Championship 24h MTB-race at the Alfsee
As a Pirate Rookie, I travelled to Rieste/Alfsee at the 2/3.06.2012 to a 24h MTB race.
Wencke Kaup

At the 27.05.2012 was the first of the year on my schedule. A race was in Kirchheim/Teck and it was a race over 30rounds with each 1,5km. The start was at 12:50o´clock.
Jens Kastler

Servus Pirates
I haven´t read here anything in the last past in the language of the wonderful state of Bavaria…
Fritz Schweindl

Team Pirate 8er Mixed Cyclocross becomes the new German Champions at the 24h MTB-race at the Alfsee.
Everybody knew that Pirate are up to strange things…This time they decided to participate at a 24h MTB race at the Alfsee…
Ronald Prinzlau

Hello folks,
on Sunday the 03.06.2012, it was time again. Time for the SportSCheck MTB Festival at the Tegern Lake 2012. This time I already travelled there on Saturday and I was attended by my wife, the said two days before the weekend, that she would join me.
Michael Heins

Hello Ron, hello Pirates,
Motocross race at the Pentecost weekend in Beuern. This is a place, it´s worth travelling. What else should aou do on the Pentecost weekend? There is no reasonable alternative… Uwe Böhm

We had perfect weather conditions at the preparations contest fort he Ironman 70.3 in Pescara.
The day before: Last road trip with the support of the Pirate gang of Munich.
Daniel Ritthammer

German mountain champioships in Albstadt
9:00o´clock in the morning in Albstadt:
We were being welcomed with snow, ice, rain and hail and temperatures around 1,5degrees. Congratulations. Robby and myself registerd for a public stage race and raced in ice water.
Benita Wesselhöft


Active female Pirate on Pentecost
It was the Bike-Marathon of the Ruhrgebiet, which attracted me, 107km and more than 2800m of altitude and all by MTB and not cyclor cross or roadbike.
Raffaela Drachenblut

Kollerbeck CC 26.05.2012
The CC-Race for men with fast legs. Normally nothing for myself, because 1h high speed with a really hard downhill part over 5rounds is nothing for the old mule. To short, to fast…
Andre Döring

Vennlauf – 26.05.2012
26.05. Soccer or Vennlauf?  While we got wonderful temperatures around 23degrees, it was no longer question.
Dirk Kunze

"Blutsventje News" Ketterer Bike Marathon Bad Wildbad
Moin Landlubbers,
At the 20.05.2012 was the 2nd run of the German Bike Masters Series of 2012. In difference to the Bike Marathon in Rothaus-Singen two weeks ago, the course of the Ketterer Bike Marathon in Bad Wildbad was more diversified
Ubi "Blutsventje" Weidner

Finally I made it.
I won my first bike race, on luckily on a track, I really like the most, the course of Kellinghusen.
Benita Wesselhöft

Altenau 20.05.2012
Early in the morning at 6:00o´clock, I thought really clear of my registration for the 120km distance race in Altenau.
Andre Döring


Moni in Altenau
After all this exercise and fun races, it was time to ride a marathon again. Normally I wanted to ride the 120km distance, but I was a little bit ill in the weeks before and so I decided myself to ride the 80km distance.
Monika Reker

Here is my first bulletin of this years race season.
Niki Hansen

Hello Ron,
after the marathon of Hamburg, I got the Sixdays of Riesenbeck on my schedule. You had to run140km in 6days and lots of meters of altitude. Altogether there were 527 athletes who tried themselves over the distance or the days.
Mike Sonntag


Solingen MTB Race at the  13.05.2012
In 1996, I stood for the last time at the starting line of an official licensed MTB-race. In the meantime I raced on some Hobby or fun races, but finally I took another time a license for the cylco-cross season of 2011/12.
Guido Pütz

Another cobblestone race
This time we went to Marlow, I started here last year as well. First you ride round course on short but hard cobblestone round, than you ride a street race over 54km.
Benita Wesselhöft

Robby and Beni in Thuringia
After I was able to move myself again by my own after the Mountain German Championship, we travelled to Thuringia for exercise and to ride MTB-race.
Benita Wesselhöft

Northern Germany Championships
Normally riding a time trial is not my favourite, besides it is a mountain-TT. This time the Race was on a dike, but who care´s???
Benita Wesselhöft

Hello Pirates...
At the  6.5.12 I rode in the „ Steiermark“ the „ Vulcano-Marathon“ with really hard ascents with more than 13% and up to 16%.
Wolfgang Huber-Juratsch

Hoexter 12.05.12
After I cried so much because of the race in Bad Harzburg, I went with my whole team ( Leo, Victor and myself) to Boffzen near Höxter.
Andre Döring

Bad Harzburg 29.04.12
While weh ad wonderful weather, wem et each other fort he first race of the MTB cup ot the Harz 2012 in Bad Harzburg. Start and finish was on the horse race track, right in front of the tribune.
Andre Döring

take me down to Paradise City where the grass is green and the girls are pretty...
We had a wonderful bike trip on Saturday from the Pirate Headquarter to Glückstadt, right along the river Elbe…
Ronald Prinzlau

Enormous in shape
At the 12.05.12 we went to Komet Steckenborn, Eiffel fort he annually “ enormous in shape” run.
Dirk Kunze


"Exclusive rights and rights of way“ at the TT in Edewecht
It was time again, for the “ spring wingding of Edewecht” or to say it clear a single TT over 21km.
Monika Reker

Hello Ron,
we´re back, after being ill for some time. At the 13.05.2012 we participated at a race in Schopfheim.
Uwe Böhm

Hello Pirates...
At the 06.05.2012 I rode the „ Vulcano Country Marathon“ in the Steiermark, with lots of hard ascents with more than 13% and sometimes you had 16%.
Wolfgang Huber-Juratsch

The Pink Pirate at the Fisherman’s Friend StrongmanRun 2012
This years StrongManRUn was again at the Nürburgring for the 2nd time.
Joe Nagel

"Blutsventje News" Rothaus Singen-Bike-Marathon
Moin Landlubbers,
my start at the German Bike Masters Series 2012 at the Rothaus Singen Bike-Marathon at the 06.05.2012.
Ubi "Blusventje" Weidner

What an almost perfect season opener, my 2nd place AG at the city triathlon of Munich
The Olympic Pool promise you a wonderful triathlon ambiance, every year.
Daniel Ritthammer

Mud´n rain …
After my half marathon in Bonn, I wanted to compete at some smaller events to gain some speed strength with the goal to keep the speed, collecting meters of altitude and to exercise races with a negative split.
Dirk Kunze


GCC Walldorf 2012 - Do it in the dirt
At the 05.05.2012 we participated at the German Cross Country Race in Walldorf.
Heiko Werner


RTV in Bremen for lunch and for dessert, we had a TT in Edewecht…
A weekend of fun with Moni, Bjoern, Rainer and myself.
Ronald Prinzlau

VICTORY, at the run in Broichbachtal

Like in all  the last years, we participated at the run in the Broichbach valley of Alsdorf on Easter Monday.
Svenja Jütte

Moin, just a small summary for you:
This weekend, two town Pirates, let´s call them Silke and Heiko made two cruises and both of them against the clock..
Heiko Lehmann

after being absent for more than 2 years, we made it finally again to the Bike Festival at Lake Garda.
Claudia Kristen

Mönchengladbach Duathlon
Labor Day…That means, it is the 1st of May..
Robert Dreyling

Hello Ron, here you got  a small bulletin from me…
At the 14.04. I had to get p very early that day to participate at my first bike race.
Henrik Bardowicks

Curse of the Balearic Islands Part II
Hola Piratas,
I just wanted to know, what Raine is all doing on Majorca and so I made up my way to  Can Picafort. All this I did for Raini, after 20 years on another Balearic Island I tried to enter Majorca again.
Monika Reker

Kyffhäuser Mountain race 14.04.2012 and 4th  MTB-Race of the  MTV Förste
First of all I like to say thank you to the Krahmann´s and family for the wonderful support at the Kyffhäuser Mountain Race.
Andre Döring

Neroman 2012
My first triathlon of this year should be again like last year the Neroman in Wiesbaden. It is a cross.triathlon with 500m of swimming, 21,4km MTB and 5,4km of running. It was the 3rd time that I participated this triathlon and of course I wanted to reach a better time this year than last time.
Doro Richters

Hamburg Marathon
Just a few months ago, my neighbour Uwe ask me, if I wouldn´t join him by running the marathin in Hamburg.
Mike Sonntag

28. City and dike run in Winsen   
1st of may, my alarm bell rings at 6:15o´clock. It´s to travel to Winsen for the city and dike run. Torben wants to run the 10,8km and myself the half-marathon distance. It´s our first time runninf in Winsen and our first time in the Pirate-clothes.
Daniela und Torben Rohlfs

Hello altogether,
on Saturday the 28.04.12, it was time to cycle a little bit. I participated at the SKS-Bike-Marathon in Sunder, who was again…booked up.
Martin "Elvis" Krankemann

You´ve got mail: German Mail Service Marathon in Bonn at the 22.04.2012 –
Great things already cast their shadow ahead…the half-marathon in line with the German Mail Service Marathon in Bonn.
Dirk Kunze

I just want you to know, that I´m stil alive...
Nikals Hansen

City-run of Papenburg 22.04.2012
Every year again....... .
we registered ourselves for the city-run of Papenburg.
Guido und Tanja Pütz

At the 20.04.2012 was the annually time trial in the forest of Hofolding, in the south of Munich.
I thought this must be a good exercise , one week before my season opener, the Munich triathlon in the Olympic Parc at the 29.04.2012.
Daniel Ritthammer

Singletrail-paradise in the  region of Limburg – Raphaela in the Netherlands
Because of an inrury of my knee, while I was  fooling around instead of exercising and to prepare my season, I didn´t went with my girls in the week before the Easter weekend for an exercise camp in the Black Forest, instead of going there I went...yes? Where did I went???
Raphaela Drachenblut

15.04.12 2h  Enduro-Race  in Rottleben!!! 
On Sunday my friend Martin Werner and myself participated at the 2h Enduro-race in Rottleben.
Heiko Werner

FIBO 2012
Like in the last years, I registered ourselves for my beloved trade fair in Essen...
Like in the last years, our car was to small…
Ronald Prinzlau

How the empire of king Barbarossa was entered by the men of Krahmann.
MTB mountain race in Kyffhausen at the 14.04.2012
Marcel Krahmann

Season  Opener of the German Cross Country in Triptis!
At the 14.04.12 I participated at my first race of the German Cross Country event.
Heiko Werner

3rd duathlon in Dachs including the champion title...
Finally the time arrived, for the 3rd duathlon in Dachs and it was as well the first duathlon ever for Heike.
Robert Dreyling

We hoisted  our colors, we raised our flag at the German Cross Country Championship…
Susann Qualmann (Vice Miss Grid Girl 2011) and Christian Hens (anchorman) presented
our colors at the season opener in Triptis, Thuringia.
Christian "Handy" Hens

CityBike Marathon in München at the 15.04.2012
The start was set a little bit earlier that day, at 7:15o´clock, because of some shoulder work and events in Unterschleißheim.
Mike Heins

Victory at the street run in Titz…
While we got wonderful temperatures and weather, we participated at the 16th street run of Titz on the 10km distance.
Svenja Jütte

A Pirate on  the starting stage of the classic bike race: Around Cologne...
This year Christian Hens was in charge together with Herbert Watterott (ARD) and karsten Migles
( Eurosport) fort he information about the teams, riders and all other information of the bike race: Around Cologne,
on the starting stage.
Christian "Handy" Hens

The „ Hell Ride „ of Helmut  2012
Last Sunday we went to the borderline for the annually start of the season at Helmut...not that one from the HFS ;).
Ronald Prinzlau

Exercise camp in Vosges
In the week before the Easter days we decided ourselves to travel to the Vosges, to the wonderful village of Rimbachzell, right between Colmar and Mulhouse.
Doro Richters

Osterlauf Bawinkel 07.04.2012
Dieses Jahr gab es in Bawinkel das erste mal einen echten 10 km Lauf. Sonst ist der Lauf eher für Halbmarathondistanzen oder „krumme“ Distanzen wie 10,8 km hier in der Region bekannt.
Guido Pütz

10 KM Titz und Heike in ordentlichem Zwirn J
Bei bestem Wetter fanden die 10 KM Kreismeisterschaften in Titz statt. Da Heike ja am 15.04 Ihren ersten Duathlon abliefern wird , war schon im Vorfeld klar das der 10er in Titz als schnelle Koppeleinheit dienen sollte.
Robert Dreyling

ADAC Enduro Rally Cup Melsungen
Es wurden 4 Wertungsprüfungen a´9,8km auf verschiedenen Untergründen gefahren.
Von Basaltschotter über Asphalt, nasse Wiese und Geröll war alles dabei.
Heiko Werner

SIEG!!! Eschweiler 10 km ….
Wieder zurück in der usseligen Heimat gings am 25.3. zum 10 km Lauf nach Eschweiler.
Svenja Jütte

2. Kölner Frühlingslauf
Läufer haben immer ein Thema … das las ich mal in einer Kolumne der Runner’s World. Scheint was dran zu sein, besonders im Nachtdienst.
Dirk Kunze

Just a small´n short exercise camp in the Vosges.
With two friends of mine from a the “ Team Rheinhessen” I travelled for 3 days into the Vosges, to Ribeauville. Before we getting started, we already planned three tours we wanted to ride. So, just grab your stuff, pack everything into the Team-SUV and France, here we come...
Tino Hemmer

3 guys from northern Hesse on the starting line of the Braveheart Battle
The slogan was „ The Hell Run“ fort his years „ Brave Heart Battle“ and it was like that, a run with trails, fun, hindrances just as the english „ Tough Guy Run“.
Joachim Nagel

...just for a race to Gran Canaria and back…
5:00o´clock early in the morning on the airport in Hamburg, really cozy...
Ronald Prinzlau

42nd internatioanl community run of Eschweiler at the 18:03.2012
.After the opening run in Düren as a brake for Dirk, we headed towards Eschweiler for a more ambitious course, with more than 250m of altitude on the half marathon distance.
Bernd Göbbels

Forest run in Bentheim at the  24.03.2012
The forest run of Bentheim was the opening contest for this years season of 2012.
Tanja und Guido Pütz

22. Burlesque run at the 17.03.2012
The first of the year, after this strange wintertime in Sondershausen/ Kyffhausen.
Andre Döring

Moni and  Rainer: Gone with the wind or messed up by the storm...
...actually Ron the quitter wanted to start as well this weekend, but his weatherman told him,
it wpould be raining the whole day *whining* and so we had to hoist our colors alone...
Monika Reker

My first time with a pacemaker...
On the 18th of march 2012, I travelled to Bad Kreuznach.
Doro Richters

Pirate Staff Car  Part 10
One of the most important things at the sport is… - …is the transport :) Pirate-Ship -
Olaf Fiedler

Pirate Staff Car Part 9
Moin, now the stickers are on my car, and I think, they fit really good...
Heiko Werner

29.1.12, 4:19o´clock, Cape Town, South Africa: Better take off the alarm for 4:20o´clock, because Ißm already awake.
Svenja Jütte

31st road run“ Around the cross of Bayer“
Once upon time in the beginning of the year the Chief ask us for our season schedule, dates of events and more.
Dirk Kunze

A Sunday in the forest with  Moni, Willy and Markus
After our 3h and 2500calory ride, we were rewarded with Moni´s favourite Spanish Almond Pie.
Ronald Prinzlau

Used bikes by the Chief ;)
Sadly I had to reduce my bike stock...

My first FELT
I think you all know, that FELT is out new team sponsor for bikes. On this site, everyone can intodruce us his or her new FELT.For myself 2012 can come now, because I just un-wrapped my new 29 Felt MTB and already tested it with Willy and Markus. I just say AWESOME...
Ronald Prinzlau

Pirates next Top Model...
Stephan and Robby.K are showing you the new Pirate collection in the O-shop...LOL

Exercise camp on  Gran Canaria
At the 16.02.2012 the pilots starts to tie-up at the airport of Frankfurt and on the very next day, we wanted to travel to Gran Canaria, to absolve the first km´s this year.
Doro Richters

Tristacher night run with Pirate Michael Zanon
About 300 participants in the sport-class, wanted to compete at this years night-run.

Michael Zanon

Cross-run in Sythen – or the story, when I almost entered the podium...
After the Indoor Trail Runs in Dortmund, I wanted to run again outside and registered myself at the annually cross-run In Haltern-Sythen.
Reiner Kowalzik

Pirates tried themselves by doing Bowling…
YES, the bunch of Hockenheim aren´t only able to rock there bikes, even rock the bowling ball...
Marcus Silberer

Ecco Indoor Trail – 3rd day: The final
A little bit tired of the last days we travelled again to Dortmund on the 5th of february, but this time with a friable feeling. It was time for the final: 10 rounds altogether 12km, were to solve...
Reiner Kowalzik

At the 22.01.2012 we participated at the 10km run in Wegberg. They got a new course there, while you had to run three loops over windy fields.
Svenja Jütte

Ecco Indoor Trail Dortmund – 2nd day: The middle distance
While we still felt the stresses and strains of yesterday in our legs, we drove again to Dortmund at the 4th of february, it was time for the 2nd day of the Indoor-Trail, the middle distance...
Reiner Kowalzik

Blutsventje  News" INDOOR CYCLOCROSS Dresden 
Moin Landlubbers,
Just in time before the layed down the red carpet at the “ Berlinale” for all the celebrity,
we started on the red carpet at the 1st Indoor Cyclocross in Dresden on it, to
gain points at the 1st weekend in february in line with the “ bike+outdoor exhibition.
ubi "Blutsventje" Weidner

The „Ecco Indoor-Trail“  - a premiere in Dortmund – 1st day : sprint
According to this, we were some kind of nosy and so we were heading to the „ Westfalenhalle“ at the 3rd of february 2012
Reiner Kowalzik

2nd run of the wintertime running series in Ismanning at the 15.01.2012
2nd run, same course of action as the first in december but now, with a photograph.
Florian Kratz

Artic Waterfront…
Finally the grey and dreary weather was over…and now we had artic cold at the Waterfront. At the shore of the river Elbe,
you had lots of “ Elb-trails” from St.Pauli until Blankenese, as well with some beach promenade...
Melina Sen

Last Friday, Jan and myself participated at a workshop about practise endurance, well at an Indoor Cycling Course.
Doro Richters

Biggest Beach-Race of the Benelux-countries in Egmond/Netherlands an Zee
“Agusport” got a new record participation at the biggest Beach-Race in Benelux for the MTB-race.
Bernd Schiermeister

New Years Eve Run over 10k in Kempten
Every year repeats itself at the last day of the year.
31.12.2011: 10 km you got to run. In the morning, you got to get the snow of your car, oh yes, we got snow and than we were heading towards Kempten.
Florian Kratz

Hello Pirates
Can You still remember, when I wrote my last bulletin? I think it was in september, after that my left foot cancelled my
plans adn I wasn´t able to exercise anymore nor to compete in contests, and because of that, I had nothing to report.
Doro Richters

It was time again to run 10km
Even though I give up the ambitious running since the P-Way 2008, I was convinced to run again two10km runs in 8days.
But, to be honest, it wasn´t really hard to convince me.
Jörn Faul

VICTORY!!!! City run of Düren 2012
After a long forced break, I was able again to participate at the 27th Sparkassen run over the 10km distance. 6 rounds right
thru the inner town of Düren, even the course got lots of turns, it is a fast course and the organizer said again, that the course is official 10km long.
Svenja Jütte

Preparations of the season of the Pirate Mx-Team in Magdeburg at the  21.01.2012
On Saturday at 5o´clock in the morning we drove to the Super-Cross-Hall in Magdeburg.
Marco Heinrich

Robby and Beni: Pirates at the Championchips of Germany  
On Friday morning we started for our trip to Klein Machnow, we started early because we wanted to get there on time for the “free training “ on the course and even though my race was on Sunday, I was really nervous.
Benita Wesselhöft

Buchholz out of the sight of Heiko and Silke: 
Our first race as a Pirate in our brand new and suitable Pirate-cloth, brought us in a really good mood,
so high on emotion, that my chain broke at the first ascents.... 
Heiko Lehmann

Moin and Ahoy Pirates…!!!
THe new season of 2012 is about to begin and I some of you, already exercise for it. For the year of 2012, we got a new co-sponsor on our site, “Immun Biest”. The guys of “ Immun Biest” provides us a discount and likes to support us a little bit with that.
Robert Dreyling

"Blutsventje News" Live from La Gomera
Hola Landlubbers,
Groundhog Day, all over again…here on my Hippie Island La Gomera. But this time, something new and what? Just read to the end.
Ubi "Blutsventje" Weidner

ATTACK 2012 with Mel & Moni in Buchholz:
After my Christmas cookie bakery, I went to Buchholz, on the way there, I took a wrong way, it was ages ago, when I was here the last time.
Shooting range or Shootinh hall,  no matter, at least the got live ammunation being used. And soon after the start, Mel and myself used our artillery, in the hobby-class:
Monika Reker

Chasing bunnies – 27th. City Run of the Sparkasse of Düren (15.01.2012)
After my bad injury at the marathon in Frankfurt, I cancelled every contest in the following 6 weeks, and the City Run of Düren should be my first contest after the break, and maybe an improvement of my 6month old personnal best time...
Dirk Kunze

My new cross-bike was ready shortly before Christmas and now it was time form e to get to know my new bike and after some km´s in a forest nearby, I travelled to the German Cross championships in Kleinmachnow, last weekend.
Jost Litzen

New  Years Eve run 2011
the weather conditions were really bad and my motivation as well. I had no exercise experience and so,
it seems to be, realy bad requirements.
Jörg Hüter

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