12h MTB WC

While all of my bike friends went to Berlin, tp participate at the Garmin-Velothon of Berlin, I was heading south. I wasn´t sad about it, because my trip south was worth it. I wanted to ride my MTB, what else is more beautiful???

Pirate 12 STd WM

After 700km on the Interstate and a night in my car, where I cuddled wit my MTB, the start of the 12h MTB World championship Race was at 8o´clock. I wasn´t that excited, because I knew, you don´t win a 12h race on the first km`s. I just wanted to ride and get to know how everything is working and get to know with the 6,4km long course
Pirate 12Std WM

It was a constant up and down thru the forest. After a few hours I knew every root and stone of the course. In the beginningI was on the 3rd place. Doesn´t matter. I´m just getting warm after 2h. After 4h I got the feeling that the race was now starting for myself, while all the others were almost exhausted and told about, not yet half of the race. I just smiled and enjoyed the fantastic weather. The sun was shining and I got tanned a bit. Now it´s hard to hide, that I like to ride my bike.
Pirate 12 Std WM

After half of the race I was on the 2nd place with some rounds in advance, but to far away from the 1st place. I´m like a Diesel engine, if it´s running, it´s running. I really enjoyed it, siting on my bike and rode my speed with every new round until the end of the 12h and my tacho told me about 180km.
They felt like 360km on a roadbike.

Finally I was allowed to enter the podium again. I´m still 24h Indoor World Champion. Now if you´re disappointed that I only finished on the 2nd place, I gotta tell ya, i fit would be a 24h rac, I would become World Champion again.
Pirate 12 Std WM
In the evening I sat together with some other riders and wer e-viewed the day, while weh ad some beer, like usually in Bavaria

Pirate 12 Std WM


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