On Saturday the 12.05.13, I wanted to ride my 2nd MTB race this year. It took part in Auerberg( Allgäu) with the distance over 64km and about 1150m of altitude. The ground was all wet and soft because of the rain in the last days, and what do you think, yes, the rain started gain with beginning of the race. About 700 riders were on the course, and the 1st km was on a grass field, you know what follows. Yes, mud, dirt, and more, during the whole race.

I was able to get a place in the chasing group until km45, than the leader of our group made a mistake and took the wrong way and so we lost about 10min.

I finished with a time of 2:40h and ended up on the 64th place overall, 22nd in my AG, and because of the detour, I lost about 25 to 30 places.

Greetings from the south
Jens Kastler 


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