Ketterer Bike Marathon in Bad Wildbad

At the 26 of May, was the Ketterer Bike Marathon in Bad Wildberg. The trails are really ambitious which are very famous for the northern part of the Black Forest. Not to forget the weather, which become important in this race. Just on time for the start of the middle distance over 59km and 1450m of altitude, it started to rain. Nothing un-usual this season, but the first race were the rain changed while entering the 2nd round, into snow.
Pirate Bad Wildbad
On the day before you were able to see the downhill trails, but the weather changed it into rivers. The roots became more slippery and the stones as well, so you didn´t become bored. I don´t like races while it´s to cold, I feel better by having 20degrees and more.
Pirate Bad Wildbad
Because of this I wasn´t able to repeat my strong first round and than I lost contact during the heavy wind to the group.

I was pleased crossing the finish line, it was one of the toughest races I´ve ever participated. Finally I ended up on the 17th place overall in the license class, which was allright to me because I wanted to finish Top20. And maybe under other circumstances, I would´ve been better…

Michael Gnannt

Pictures by Michi Krause and Sportograf.

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