Brevet, 1st try…

23. March 2013 – normally we should have temperatures around 10degrees, obviously we got  -7degrees and I wanted to ride in Wolfenbüttel a 200km Brevet. A Brevet is a qualification race for a long distance race, like the RAAM ( Race Across America), for example.
Pirate Brevet

I wanted to start so badly at this Brevet, even I don´t need the qualification for a race. Well, the spring hadn´t arrived overnight, even I prayed for it. So, I started the Brevet while we had -7degrees.

Pirate Brevet

It was really cold, but at least I wanted to try it. On the first km´s, the wind blowed really fierce cold in my face, including snow. Soon, my fingers were frozen, even with heatable gloves.

Pirate Brevet
I crucified myself against the wind, but I had to know, that it was no good to ride on, even I wanted it that hard. But 211km would be to much  in this really ice cold weather. I didn´t want to end up with frostbites or worse, but my hands still need some time to get to regular temperature again.

Anyhow, I will participate at some more races this year, but I think at this contest it was a wise decision  to break up.


Caroline Pasedach

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