So, who believes that the Burgenland is located in Austria is wrong. The 3Burgenland is located in the Bavarian Forest. A wonderful place for your holidays, to exercise mountain races by bike or by running and of course to run a marathon.


Here weg o, like fort he 6h run, my preparations was almost all bad. Just because of the fact, that I ran the half marathon in Kempten a week before.


Really joyfully we travelled by car to the Bavarian forest. Our rider was also involved in the registration. The profile of the course was a bit ambitious but runable. While closing the town of Thurmannsbang, the scenery became more and more interesting.

Evening before and soccer:

When we arrived in Thurmannbang , we soon found the starting point, but we didn´t know the whole course. When we took a look at the ground, we had to make a compliment to the organizers, the course was quite small and perfectly signed. At the pasta party we got everything we wanted. Than we headed to the hospitality of our rider. The forest was quite fun and I had my 2nd soccer game I paid for in my whole life: SV Kumreut vs someone (7:0) on a sandy place.

Heading for the Start:

7:30o´clock, the day started with a smile and some rain and quite comfortable temperatures. No Kilt for me today, it would to heavy because of the rain.

The start should be at 10:00o´clock and it looked like that a politician got the starting gun, as usually, no idea of a race…

Pirate Burgenland

After the start I tried to get behind the former winner, at the first ascent I was able to hold him. The course lead right from the start uphill for about 1,5km with 120m of altidude. On the peak we made a turn onto a field path. It was a weird feeling having no runner behind me in sight. Allright, the speed was a little bit to fast for me and so I slowed don a bit and soon found a good rhythm.

Pirate Burgenland

The 2nd hill got a hard ascent, not that long like the hill before, but tough. The first thoughts about the coming course came into my mind, and it ame true, a constant up and down. By the way, I had a fantastic 10km time of 40:40min. After 11k  I lost the 2nd place and after 1:30:20h, I finished the first round. Now I knew the course but I remarked the first fast round in my legs. The food and beverage supply was good, but when the weather would be warmer, it would be not enough. Km30, everything still fine, but than 5km later I remarked my leg more and more, first my left leg and so I had to walk up the hills, but than at km41 I was passed by two more and lost my 3rd place. And so I ended up on the 5th place overall with a hurting left leg and a time of 3:28:17h, and in my age group I took the 2nd place.
Pirate Burgenland
Reaching a 02:xx:xx is possible. I´m looking forward for the 12.04.14.

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