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6h of Ottobrunn

It was a normal day of the week. I was at the local bakery, when I met a friend. We talked about the weather and what kind of sports we´re doing. He, was an ultra-runner, he told me about a 6h in Ottobrunn. A simply race, and you can stop and quit the race at anytime and with anytime you want. So, I was noisy and registered myself for the run, by having this thought, that I could quit the run, every time I want.

Well…preparation, can I name like that??? At least I rana 30km run this season.
All right, just 24km to be honest. Maybe not enough? But I can quit every time I like. I calculated the times of the three best of last years run, and made up my schedule…

Yes, there were some goals by my side:
1st of all, I like be faster than my previous marathon time, should be easy, because, I just have marathon splits, from long distance races, with already 3,8km and 180km of bike before in my legs.

2nd Running more than 42.195km, must be easy, it´s just 1m more…


6 power gel and a few bars, and where is my starting number band? All right, I need some safety pins.

Race day:

The night wasn´t a typical pre-race night. I was able to sleep the whole night. And I wasn´t that nervous than I should be and so I went to the bakery, to get me a small coffee.
Pirate Bäcker

Than I went by bus to Ottobrunn. First I wanted to ride their by bike, but than I thought the trip back home, might be a little bit difficult. When I arrived in Ottobrunn, I remarked, that the address wasn´t easy to find like they told on their website. Luckily I found another runner, who knew the way.

Heading to the start, I got my number (49) and went to the stadium. My motivator was already there and had a starting number band for me…thank you…

The start was at 9:00o´clock. I started from all behind but after a couple of minutes, I was already on the 3rd place. After a few more rounds, I was on the 2nd place, and I defended it, like a Pirate is, until the bitter end of the race.
Pirate Ultra

First I had quite fast split times. My first goal, was to reach a faster marathon time than my previous, but soon this goal was all gone, than I thought about giving up, but I was still on the 2nd place. After I passed the marathon distance, my times became more worse. Now I felt, that I haven´t really trained enough for this kind or run, but at least all of the others became slower as well.

At the end, I ended up on the 2nd place, and the first got my ultra running experience than myself. He´s theGerman Champion and in the National Team, not a rookie like me… I believe, 2nd place is enough for me. Finally I ran 71,467km and finished 2nd and 1st in my AG. It`s a nice result to end up a day. But for the next days, I cancelled…running or going stairs…
Pirate Ultra

It was a fantastic atmosphere at the contest, like being welcomed t a new large family. Well, I´m planning fort he 100km.
Schön war die lockere Atmosphäre beim Wettkampf. Einfach eine große Familie, in die ich aufgenommen wurde. So planen wir mal für die 100km.
Your  Flo ( New Ultra-Runner)

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