Every 2nd year it´s time for the worls cultural heritage run of Bamberg. This time at the 5.5.13. Luckily weh ad some nice weather that day. Because of a knee injury in January, I tested myself on one of the hardest half-marathon in this environment.
Pirate Bamberg

After the starting signal and the first km, a 3km long ascent waited for the runners with about 18%. If you´re starting to fast you´re lost soon…

Pirate Bamberg

Than you ran on cobblestone pavement, right thru a wonderful old town of
Bamberg, with its narrow alleys and its sharp turns. After km18 you had a steep ascent right up the cathedral place and now the finish was really close
Pirate Bamberg

The audience was in a good mood and the food and beverages supply was really good as well.

I finished the 21.1km not on time, but healthy, and withing burning legs.
Pirate Bamberg

Sadly the run was overshadowed by the death of a runner who died on the course.

Lots of greetings, Thomas

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