WVW Midsummer-Run in Wunstorf  22.06.2013

At the 22.06.13 it was time. Dirk, the Returner and Jörg the running virgin wanted to run a 5km race. The destination should be Wunstorf. Just running with 20 people 5km and wait and see what will happen after a break of 30years without sport. The schedule changed a bit, there were about 130 starters t the run.
Pirate Bomlitz
after warming up,

Pirate Bomlitz
we went towards the start.
Dirk stood near the front and myself stood far behind

Pirate Bomlitz

Totally exhausted and carried by Dirk, we were still able to take a picture of them of this tough day fort hem. After all, it was a nice run with lots of friendly people. I ended up on the 89th place, some say, in between I collected flowers. And Dirk? He ended upon the 16th place and 2nd in his AG.

Greetings out of Bomlitz
Dirk Kohlrausch
Jörg Papke
We got to say thanky you to Mauchi for his support and his pictures, as well to his complete family, Caro, Bernd and my wife and Sebastian and Mirko, who will start with us at the 01.09.2013 in Poggenhausen as well.

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Pirate Felt
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