Better late than none.  A small bulletin of the last races.

On Father´s Day, we had wonderful weather in Buchholz and so we participated at it´s awesome race again. This time without pro´s, but with a juniors and a women race and a fantastic audience. Robby was really motivated and was able to win the 2nd place after a sprint on the home straight.
Pirate Buchholz

Pirate Buchholz
I was successful as well, and won the 3rd place out of a group of 5 and also won 2prizes.
Pirate Buchholz

Pirate buchholz

Pirate Buchholz

What followed was a fantastic weekend in Danmark. While we had rain in Hamburg, we had a wonderful weather their and really nice temperatures and this time a huge field of riders and really long rounds.

At the end I become 6th and was happy. The next day was a mountain race. Sadly I slept a little bit on the last but one round and so I lost contact to the leading group. At the end I ended up on the 10th place overall and 2nd of the sprint of the second group.

What a fantastic weekend. When we got back to Hamburg it was raining again or still…

So, we did it right…

Benita Wesselhoeft

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