Sunday, the 11.08.2013. = Like a public holiday for MTB-rider in HH.

That day in Buchholz, almost every rider of HH and of every race class met itself to race for the Championships of Hamburg.

The forest was quite hilly and really angled, so you almost get dizzy and you really had to push hard on the uphill sections.
Pirate BuchholzPirate Buchholz

I rode in the Top10 and almost everybody rode a 29er and you were able to see some really strange position on their bikes, but anyhow, it seems that rode really good…
Pirate Buchholz

Even the winner ceremonies are fantastic, where they get almost the whole rider field to the front, just to stand in the front near DANO…
Pirate Buchholz

One thing is sure,we need a MTB-series in Hamburg.




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