"Houston we have a problem..." - Heavy 24 Chemnitz

Like this you can call my rocket crash at the Heavy24h Race in Chemnitz, the largest and toughest 24h race in Eastern Germany.

Obviously it was planned as a double team with 00-Döring, but the wussy, cancelled his connection to me after the 24h race at the Alfsee, so I had to look for a replacement rider. Stefan from Prowell Team Harzblut wrote and asked me if I would like to join them and invited me to his race community in Chemnitz. Together with Rapha, adviser and Ralph from the Schliesser Bike Team. So, I had to swallow the bitter pill and changed my double team to a single starter, I was good in shape and who care´s…

On Friday evening, after we arrived we had lots of fun with the guys, really lots of fun…
Pirate Chemnitz
(Me and Ralph)

I slept in my car, I felt like sleeping in a huge space crafter, with my bike, stuff and me inside and still some place to turn around while sleeping. Saturday morning was a little bit muddy, because I didn´t sleep that good. But than we had a tasteful breakfast and got our rockets ready and took a ride for warming up. Yes, this is Moni´s world, real life in space, it was a really ambitious course with lots of root trails…

Still in a good mood, before the start, the two crash pilots…
Pirate Chemnitz

The start was at 12:00o´clock. First the single starters, than the double teams, than the rest…
Pirate Chemnitz
Lining up

And yes, into the forest…
Pirate Chemnitz

We had wonderful weather, the first race in 2013 without mud and rain, it was all fun and the atmosphere by the side was really good. I started a little faster than rest, they must have thought she is maniac and doesn´t know what she does. I rode 4min faster a round than the rest. They were quite right, I don´t think to much about my tactic, I just do…

Rapha supported us, and I just had to ride, drink, eat and all over again.
Pirate Chemnitz


Stefan and Ralph rode faster than me and soon they were on the 3rd place overall at the double-teams, whew..
Pirate Chemnitz

Stefan and Ralph

I had a huge gap on the 2nd one, until I remarked during a trail, that I wasn´t able to shift anymore in the front and uphill only the large chain worked. When I looked on my chain, I thought I´m drunk, because the chain was all swimming. I never saw something like this before, than I went to the bike service. What the hell is that, how did you do? What??? I f I would have rode some more, I had loose the gear pinion. I lost 25 min. I lost one round, than clockwork again….
Pirate Chemnitz
Trail riding- yes!
Pirate Chemnitz
Dam for counting rounds…
Pirate Chemnitz

Than, the first weakness, my body all empty. I laid down in front of Rapha, just one round the said, than until
midday. A energy drink helped me up again…
Pirate Chemnitz

In between, Ralph had a bad crash and was already in the hospital. He crashed on a downhill part, while riding 50 or more. Helmet broken, cuts and bruises on the head, he barfed, injured his knee and a hangover for about 15min. Stefan was all worried and rode to the hospital, while I was taking a shower, before I made myself ready for the night ride, because I was dirty. Rapha helped me very much…

I rode on again, her you can see my rocket back fire…
Pirate Chemnitz

I became a  "Jedi-knight"
Pirate CHemnitz

Pirate Chemnitz

At 2:00AM, I wanted  to talk to my father. I´m your father, Luke, Darth Raider style…I had to take a break. I needed a massage for my legs. Stefan was in a bad mood because of Ralph, he told us, that he looked terrible. We drank a coffee together, and than it was time for my mission again…
When the night is over, the race is almost done. All right. The night was over at
4:00AM And I asked: Hey Mummy are you there? 8 more hours…
Pirate Chemnitz

Than came Stefan...;-)))...Come on, I´ll join you, yes!!!
Pirate Chemnitz

I rode in his wind shadow and rode, yeah I just worked, whew, still 30 min a round. My enemies were dying as well, that pushed me a little bit more. I was attendant by Stefan for 4 rounds, than he rode back to Ralph into the hospital. Just 3 more hours, just ride on without a break and I go the chance on a podium place. Maybe the victory as well…even of the have to breaks…;-)
Pirate Chemnitz

Than, finally it came…the slide down…on a fast trail, where you didn´t need any technics, maybe even because of that. I slipped on gravel a bit, my front wheel stood lateral, I went over my bar and crashed with my left shoulder on the ground and kissed dirt. Y E S… my first thought was: that wasn´t good, at this moment no pain. I wanted to stand up again and saw stars like in a comic and hangover…When I saw the lights again, 2 others riders helped me and pulled myself out of trail so I won´t be knocked over. Than, 2nd hangover, what I saw next was the race doctor, touched my shoulder and said collar bone complete broken. FUCK, I thought…

And because of the fact, that everyone can do easy, I chose the most bad point to crash ever and my rescue became a real work out and I received a hangover after an other. Than in the emergency room, I heard them saying: everything broken inside, just trash. I thought that I would die, my whole season for nothing and than they ripped my Moonreker jersey, the beautiful one with the red eyes…
Pirate Chemnitz

I crashed at 11o´clock, when I woke up in the hospital at 16o´clock, I was starving, I haven´t eaten very much on this 23h performance. I was totally exhausted. I got a broken collar bone and the 5th rip on the left side as well. Allright, not that bad. Than they offered me something with water…
Pirate Chemnitz

food, they still don´t know yet. Stefan was shocked, he waited for myself at the finish line when he heard the announcement, bad crash, suspicion of broken breast bone. My things were divided, some at the dam, some in my car, some at Stefan house, my car key in the hospital, Everyone was searching for it. Than he found my mobile and sent a SOS on FB: Anyone who knew Monika Reeker please give me a call and it worked. I called the Federal Police to inform my friend, he got ym new mobile number. Everything was choaos. Rapha went to the winner ceremony for myself, I had the 2nd place, even because of the crash. Can you do that? 46rounds and 450km. Next time I´ll do this race a little bit more serious. And I´m sure I can win it

My reward:
Pirate Chemnitz

and this GPS as well, this display picture is cool, every time you turn on the GPS, you´ll see it.
Pirate Chemnitz

At 19o´clock, the guys came to visit me. Stefan was totally churned and slept in my room. Peter Rode packed my stuff and brought my car to the hospital and brought me some needful things. I cannot say thank you enough to these guys.

The next morning came  and still nothing good to eat and drink, I just wanted to take a shower. 23h of sweat and dirt. Now sweat and dirt in my bed, of course I had  some problems with my circulation. Yes, you´ve heard it right, 23h alone in the forest…
Pitjes called: Moni do you got the ADAC-insurance? Yes, of course. The only way to get home secure when you´re that bad injured. Next day 10o´clock, ADAC ambulance. Phew, 3 days of un fixed broken bones, ate lots of pain pills. I´m still in need of food, wait, Googl, okay: Joey´s Pizzaservice, they knew the address and finally I received what I need: FOOD, than at 10o´clock we drove home. Do yo want a lunch bag? No,  we´ll stop at the interstate restaurants.

Than I finally reached the Roland-Klinik in Bremen, lucky me. Finally in good hands…

Nothing works without your start-number:
Pirate Chemnitz

Well, not just mine, also the number of Ralph, which was in my car as well, which was brought by the ADAC as well…

And than they cut and opened me…
Pirate Chemnitz

They fixed it with 6 skrews, the bone was broken lateral and lengthwise and also slivered in pieces, like a puzzle. In 6 month they will get the skrews off again, but now my rest of the season is saved as well.
Pirate Chemnitz

Maybe I´m trouble in the next months when I want to take a flight because of all the metall inside me
After all, I want to say this

I wish all the other riders who had a crash a good recovery and get well soon. It was really a bad crash.

This situation brought 3 or 4 people together and helped them to a friendship. Sometimes you met people, who will enrich your life. You belong to them.

I want to say thank you to the organizers of this race and all helping hands on race day. As well to all for the wishes to me, my mail, sms or whatever. Thank you, I´m deeply impressed.

And yes, Moonreker will start soon again… You really motivated me…

Here a really lovely mail, I received:
Pirate Chemnitz

I think in the middle of August I´ll be riding my MTB again …with Stefan…

Having said this: Break a leg :D


Moni Moonreker

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