Like in all the years before, my season starts with the Dachser Duathlon. This time my season is planned elsewise, my main goal is the Challenge Roth on the bike part in a relay team. Anyhow, I still want to participate at one or another contest, but first of all, it´s time for the Dachser Duathlon, even because of the fantastic organization by the organizer, the Marathon Club of Eschweiler and its director: Patrick Thevis. Chapeau, Chapeau. It´s a contest made by athletes for athletes. But there was another goal I wanted to reach, because I didn´t want to participate in Roth with my RR with aero-bars. I want to ride the bike part SUB5 and so, I had to buy myelf a time-machine and it got to be pink, of course.

So, I talked a bit with Michael Fuchs from www.ccrracing.de  and soon I knew, that I would receive  a PINK LADY from him. Thank you again…

Pirate Pink Lady
But now, back to the Dachser Duathlon.

Sadly, Heike wasn´t able to participate and to defend her title from last year because of a stomach flu, but next year, she will attack again.
This year they offered another distance, 9km run-38km bike and 5,4km run. Because of the fact, that I haven´t trained running very much, I wanted to take it easy and wanted to made it a tough and hard work-out for my goal. Put my PINK LADY in the transition area and soon, we were off…

Pirate Dachser

My legs felt quite good on the first running part and I was able to control my speed and hold it, without having any problems.
Pirate Run

I still got time for  „Do the Rob“
Pirate do the Rob

On the last of 5 rounds I was alone and could concentrate on the coming change and the bike part.

Pirate the Rob

I had a fast change and soon I was on the first of two rounds of the 38km bike course.
Pirate Bike

This year, they had a new bike course, with lots of turns and really prone because of the wind. And we got HARDCORE WIND.

But, soon after only 4km, I had a flat on the front wheel. FUCK…but I was prepared with TIPTOP Tyre sealer. During the time I fixed my bike, a large group passed me. When I was on my bike again, I though a moment about what to do. Riding calm, or try to catch the group…
Pirate Bike

Pirate Bike

Pirate Bike

I decided myself to catch the group and later I knew, it was a huge mistake, but don´t care. While I was riding nearly off the scale and made up to them after the first round. But, instead of riding woth the group, I made a mistake and moved on and passed the group. At the end of the 2nd round I had to pay for it and received really bad stomach cramps
Than I slow down a bit and prepared myself for the 2nd transition area and hoped and prayed for the cramps to get away.

Pirate Bike

Pirate Bike

ALready when I left the transitiona area, I knew I would die on the course, and so it happen. The first km went good, I even tried to accelerate, but the cramps stayed. I had to stop in between to get rid of them…

Pirate Run

On the 2nd round, I wanted to quit the race, but than I saw Heike at the side and stopped and tried again toget rid of the cramps. DNF is no option for myself I thought, it would be my first contest, which I didn´t manage to finish. So, I tried to finish the race, anyhow, and afterall with a really bad time
Pirate Finish

But now I knew, that I fit on the PINK LADY and that she´s really fast. That´s really important on my way to Roth. Having said this, I wasn´t the only Pirate here. Birthe, Ramon and Henning also participated, and did a god job.

Pirate Piraten

Having said this 
Now the season is open.


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