MTB Rennen Schäferwerk-Marathon in Dassel (Challege4mtb)

Ahoy Pirates,
at the 26.05.13 I rode my MTB race of the season, while we had wonderful rainy weather and about 8degrees. Normally we should ride 4 rounds a 14km. There were about 80 crazy biker, who wanted to participate at this race and not to stay at home.

Pirate dassel

Because of the weather and the rain, the distance was shortened on only 3 rounds.
Pirate Dassel
After the first round I was on the 4th place in my AG, than I had the first chainsuck and lost some places.
Pirate dassel

During the 2nd round I had the same problem again, a chainsuck, but this wasn´t enough in the 3rd round I lost my block pad of my rear brakes. With almost no power in my fingers or in the front brake I just thought to myself take it easy and bring it home safely. No more fighting.
Pirate dassel

Pirate dassel

Finally I ended up on the 7th place in my AG and 27th overall. Now I just need a hot shower and my couch to relax.
Greetings Pirate Guido

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