"After our worse 24h premiere at the Alfsee it wasn´t just being a tale, when we spoke about the “ Night of Revenge””. At the same time the 24h race of Duisburg was broadcasted.

Tanja was registered in a 4women team ( Mud chickens and friends).Pirate Duisburg

Soon after the start they rode at 3rd position and they even made it to defend the place until the finish with a huge gap on the 4th place. And really proud they welcomed their prizes of the 3rd place and their sleepless night.

Pirate Duisburg

Myself almost made it in a team of 8. Normally I just wanted to be a supporter, but it really burned inside of me and so I received a place in the mud chickens and friends team of 8.

Pirate Duisburg

The team was made out of 5 women and 3 men. At the beginning it was boring because you just had the chance to ride every 2 ½ h, but than I was able to catch the night rounds and so I was bale to ride some km´s during the night. A totally new experience, but awesome. We ended up on the 8th place.

Pirate Duisburg
I haven´t slept at all…than we reached in the evening totally exhausted our home. But it was a fantastic revenge…

Now it´s time fort he CC-season to start...
See you soon


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