Roadrunner on egg hunt – Lent Fast all over and barf behind the finish line

Lent Fast , means, that you abstain from some usual habits. This means, that after Easter Sunday, I was allowed to run again, or didn´t I get this right???? After an injury break, now 3 running units found their way on my schedule. So, everyday ended up with a catastrophe. But at least the sun shined on Easter Monday while we had -2degrees.
Pirate Eiersuche

Fast I registered myself fort he Easter Run of the LT Alsdorf East. New Year, new age-group. My old was even strong, but my new one, even stronger. And almost everybody at the starting line was in my age-group. Damn, it was quite better in my old one…
Pirate Eiersuche

The profiled course was some kind of ambitious, but at least I was bale to hold my position until shortly before the finish, but only 500m before the finidh I was passed by Jörg Offergeld from the TV Obermaubach.
Pirate Eiersuche

But I didn´t give up after the passing, I tried to stay in touch with him. After all I´m not that happy with the run, but with the result. I ended up on the 3rd place in my age-group, now, I´m looking forward for things to come this year. By the way, after the finish line you´re allowed to barf, but you don´t have to.

Having said this, see you soon…



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