For the Angel-Run of Aachen middle of May, we had autumnal weather right in the springtime…

It started really relaxed. I was on time at the location, but there was a long queue at the readout of the starting numbers and so the start was delayed for about half an hour.
Pirate Engellauf

The field was large, a little bit to big for the narrow starting street so, lots of people fell over each other right on the first 100m. Than, finally the field split up after about 2km, than it became quite easier to run

Pirate Engellauf

The course is really nice and good to run, up and down, thru the forest and over muddy meadow paths, still wet from the rain in the last days.

I crossed the finidh line with a time of 41:39min and 1st of my AG. I was satisfied with this time on this ground.
Pirate Engellauf

Before the race, the organizer told about money and prizes for the Top3, but because of the rain, it was only a small winner ceremony and almost no one knew where it was and not even the winners, just for the winner. No more words…




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