Whew, after the German Championships at the Alfsee, a 24h race. I didn´t felt that good, but my schedule told me something different. The next event would be in 4 days with 300km and about 10000m of altitude. My shape, what shape, my power, my strength…all gone with the wind. Slowly day after day, I started to feel better. The first recovery ride, by stomach bubbled a bit, but all right. Why I´m do this, first ride a double team with Moni a 24h race than only a week later to ride 4 marathons after each other. It´s just about how to survive and to ride clever…

Well, than the water. This year I was used to it, to wet, soak, and dirt clothes, But so much water, my health. My mate, Monika Reker, didn´t care about it. But when she heard the rumour about cancelling the race she wasn´t amused anymore.

On Monday the 03.06.13, we wanted to travel to the first stage, to Ruhpolding. About 700km away, a little bit to far away, if you don´t know if the race will took part anyhow, because of the rain and floods. We didn´t get any information. But Moni calles and called and received from the organizer a 95% promise of starting the race. So, we went there.

The Interstate around Rosenheim was flooded and it kept raining. Fantastic start. Late in the evening we went to bed in a hotel Moni booked before.

After the breakfast we did the first trip, while having drizzle and about 5degrees. Nothing unusual about the weather this year so far. First set of clothes wet and dirty. Than we did some shopping and got ourselves the starting packages.
Pirate four peaks

Pirate four peaks

Our plan for the start the very next day t 10:00o´clock was: Arm and leg warmer, rain jacket and over-shoes
In the evening at the past-party and the briefing, we met the other stage Pirates: Ute and Nils, who already finished the Trans-Germany and the Transalp Challenge. 

1st Stage

Ruhpolding - Lofer





Sunlight woke us up early in the morning. We ate a lot for breakfast and drank lots of coffee and we tried to cheer us up. Than we took off the over-shoes, rain jacket and leg warmers and put them into the bag. At 9:00oclock was the line up for the start in block C, damn it, it was crowded. We stood all behind. The ladies were allowed to start from block B. More than 400 people were now between us and shortly after the start Moni was all gone. Two longer ascents split the field apart. But shortly after the finish arrival I met Moni again while she was having coffee and cake again. We cleaned our bikes and after it we ate an ice on our terrace of our hotel. Like this…all good. With her time, Moni was under the Top20 and still place for some more.
Pirate four peaks

Pirate four peaks

2nd stage

Lofer - Kirchberg in Tirol




We woke up and had the best weather, you´ve ever seen. Again lots of breakfast. Over-shoes and leg warmers we left in the hotel, and went quite early to the starting blocks.Because of my time the day before I was allowed to start from block B. I took some pictures and, yes block full…beginner mistake…shit happens…

Pirate four peaks

Pirate four peaks

My very own failure of the UCI-Fleckhalm trail, sorr, I didn´t take apicture of it. Well, some more exercise. By the way, this trail is almost not ridable by anyone…

3rd stage

Kirchberg in Tirol - Kaprun






The best or worst stage by heaving best weather again. While we were listening to the briefing, we knew, that we would have snow today. SO, we were warned about longer pushing or carrying passages. Because Moni is a girl, she was allowed to start from the front again. Allright I thought, than you´ve to carry your bike all alone, without me. When I saw the “ stairs” uphill, I just thought, how Moni would made it, with so short leg like hers.????
Pirate four peaks

Pirate four peaks

Pirate four peaks

Then we met the snow adn it was not possible anymore to ride. It was like a expedition into the Himalaya-mountains, how Moni called this stage. You walked in a lond queue up the 2000m hill. Obviously my feet wasn´t cold, even it was cold and wet. After the hill, was a short flat section until a ski piste showed up before us and pulled out the last energies of your body. It felt like 40degrees and more, when you pushed your bike up towards the supply station, just to ride the last 14 km with 800m of altitude. You got the feeling that your head will burst, so take it easy and ride on…
In the finish area we met us again, Moni, Ute, Nils and Andre. Nils had some problems because of a gastrointestinal infection. But as you know, Pirates will go, while others give up…

Pirate four peaks

Pirate four peaks

4th stage

Kaprun - Neukirchen





Wonderful, finally the last stag with 1200m of altitude on 15 km. The small hills, are like a warming up, so full throttle. I saved my energies and passed lots of other riders uphill, but than I faced the Wildkogel trail and was scared to death. I´m not that bad, like I always tell you, but the trail of the Bike Four Peaks are awesome. Everyone I passed, passed me again on the way down. My right shoulder told me to think about my broken collar bone and my left about the crashed shoulder joint from my last crash. Wait…can I register myself already for the next technical training?

I was a little bit angry when I crossed the finish line, but also I was glad about finishing healthy and whole. The mood were wesome and Moni, totally speechless(not very often), when she remarked, that someone stole her sweaty helmet

Finisher picture with the heroes: Moni, Ute, Nils and André:

Brilliant. Next Adventure. Next year again, but with a little bit more encourage on the downhill trails. Promised.

Pirate four peaks

Pirate four peaks

Pirate four peaks

Wait, the party was up on the peak, while weh ad snow in the middle of June 2013
Pirate four peaks

See you soon,



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