Pirate Harz

This year, they offered in the range of the Globetrotter Harz Triathlon two Xterra CC- triathlons. You could choose between a short or a longer distance. We decided us for the long distance of 1km swim, 32km MTB thru the Harz and all around Claustahl-Zellerfeld and 10km of running
Pirate Harz

You had to ride the bike course 3 times and to run the running course twice. The bike course had one really steep downhill section with gravel and a few single root trail. The longer ascent cost strength, but the rest of it, wasn´t that ambitious. MY swimming wasn´t the best, becaue of te lack of exercise, but I was able to pass lot of others on the bike course. During the last round I crashed because of a mistake. It hurt, but I didn´t want to break up the race and hoped that the adrenaline would kill the pain.
Pirate harz

At the beginning the running was like a torture. It felt like one step ahead and two back, maybe also because I didn´t see anyone behind or in front of me. In the beginning of the 2nd round, suddenly the appeared again and Iw as able to pass some more again and crossed the finish line dirty but satisfied.
Pirate Harz

My result wa the 5th palace overall, I was really satisfied with it. After all, it was a wonderful event and doing a cross-country triathlon is fun. Because you don´t have to be scared of riding in wind shadow or you get dirty…

pirate harz
Having said this:
Ahoy Pirates, the booty quest is on ist way heading south and than north again, and as always fair winds and following seas…
Daniela Rohlfs

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