Indoortrail in the Westfalenhalle of Dortmund 2013

For the 2nd time, there was an Indoortrail contest located in the Westfalenhalle of Dortmund. The event went over 3 days, with lots of different courses, and all located inside the hall, with lots of hindrances. For example you had trees, gravel on the course, further on you found a headwall up on the tribune of the Westfalenhalle and over these un-end-able stairs of this building, altogether they were over 4000stairs to solve. In the next hall, they made up a bridge and a mountain, the Mount Jeverest, a 6m high hill with two different ways to get up. On the way down you had to run thru snow, but at least you didn´t had cold feet for so long, because soon you had to run stairs again and than down until the start and finish area again.

Pirate Indoor
Mount Jeverest

On the first day you had to run a sprint on the 1.3km long course. After a few rounds to warming up, the participants started with each a 10second gap. With my time of
6:24,7 I ended up on the 68th place of 219, this was the 57th place in my age-group.

Pirate Indoor
The bridge

On the 2nd day, you had to run 4rounds, altogether 5,2km. Sounds not much, but with all these stairs and the hindrances, you had to save you power a bit for the 3rd day. This time I needed 28:58,4min and ended up on the 113th place of 581 and 65th in the my age-group of the participants of all 3days events.

Pirate Indoor

On the last day, you had to run 8rounds with altogether 10,4km. Finally I had some Pirate support from the side. Wencke Kaup and Thomas Preißner forced the shit out of me. This day I needed 59:42,3min and ended up on 66th place in my age-group.

Pirate IndoorThe way thru the hall…

The overall result was calculated out of all three days: sprint result *10, 2nd day result *2 and 3rd *1. Afterall I ended up on the 60th place overall of 131 participants from all 3days.
Pirate Indoor

It was a really tough weekend, but also we had lot´s of fun, and now I´m looking forward to my exercise camp and the bulletin about it, will follow.



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