At the 14.04.13, I started my day with a cup of whole wheat cereals. The first preparation fort he upcoming half marathon later that day. Just another coffee and two more pretzel and I was ready for the train trip.
Pirate Kempten

On time at 9:47o´clock I arrived in Kempten. When I got there I made up my way and headed towards downtown to get my starting package for me and my brother. At 12:30o´clock we got dresses in his car and fixed everything for the run. Today I wanted to run for the first time with my brand new running Kilt and my new Pirate jersey.

Sadly I forgot a few things: my clock, allright running without it, is possible. My wallet, I remarked  later. Than we started to warm up a bit. No problems with the Kilt so long. The start was set for 13:30o´clock and before the it, the fight for the best places already begun. All the red numbers stood in the first row, together with all the guys from Kenya.
Pirate Kempten

As usual, they counted backwards from 10 to zero for the start. First it was a high speed shortly after the start, the position fighting and I had to slow down a bit, but I even ran the first km´s quite fast. Later, my brother and myself ran a solid 4:00m/km. 4 rounds to run went by really fast, with all the people standing by the side, who cheered at everybody passing by.

Luckily we had wonderful weather conditions and temperatures with 2digits, but I gotta tell ya, it was to hot. Now that I´ve ran the half marathon I feel fit fort he upcoming marathon at the 20.04.13 in 3Burgenland.

My result: overall I ended up on the 42nd place in my age-group on the 8th with a time of 1:25:09h. Weird, last year I finished 59th with a better time.

My next contest will be the 3 Burgenlandmarathon.
Florian Kratz

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