Kollerbeck Cross Country 2013

Pentecost is traditionally the meeting of the fast legs in Kollerbeck. A course which offer you a fast course, longer smooth ascents, a ramp, you get unconscious of and 5 awesome rounds of pain, while having nice weather, like in the last years…

And this year? THIS….
Pirate Kollerbeck

Even ist he last years, it wasn´t my race, because I´m not a sprinter, but the cake afterwards is awesome and the atmossphere. Because of the races of FourPeaks and the Alfsee, I used to ride slow in the last weeks. I wasn´t that happy for long, and my thoughts of Kyffhausen almost vanished
I received my starting number and let´s get into the mud…

Pirate Kollerbeck

Pirate Kollerbeck

I had lots of clamping chains, even I rode carefully and slower, I had a crash. I was really frustrated, trhowed everything in my car, inhaled a cake and went back home. On Sunday I washed my bike for more than 4h. Now it´s clean, fixed and ready fort he Alfsee.

Whew, luckily they told, that we would have 25degrees and sunshine…

…if not, I won´t ride…

Let´s get now to the 24 h. GC Alfsee.

We see us at the cake buffet ;-)



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