MHA Triathlon


The time has come, were we should strike and participate at our first contest after the long hard winter. We decided us for the MHA triathlon at the 28.04.2013 in Aachen-Brand over the sprint distance ( 500-24-5,4).

The bike and the running course are quite hilly. One of us, were really happy about things to come, our Freddy.

Because the swimming was in an indoor pool and Freddy is fast like a rocket, he told us he can do a 5:59min. So, let´s get it started.

Before the race, we knew that is would be very hard to defeat the guys and the winner of last year, but  it´s quite easy for you, if you know, you don´t have to win it, just race. The weather conditions were bad as well, we had only 10degrees and it was cloudy.

It was not very far from the pool to the transitions area and Freddy entered it first and so it was my time to come.

Pirate MHA

Of course I had some time for „Do the Rob“
Pirate MHA

Than Freddy came and yelled: 5:59min as I told you. Damn, I thought, he is maniac…

Pirate MHA

Than it was time…
Pirate MHA

The bike course was hilly and the 24km had more than 250m of altitude and also the bitumen wasn´t in a good shape.
 We had to ride 3 rounds, and I knew the the rider of the former winner, is faster than myself. Luckily I had my Pink Lady, who made a perfect job and so, the other rider just catched me just meters before the transition area.

Pirate MHA

So, Frank had to push him to the limtis, together with the other relay runner, he started the running course of 5,4km. As I said, the guys know how to run fast. Frank gave everything he got, but he wasn´t able to hold the speed.

Pirate MHA

But who care´s? We were just 40sec behind the 1st place. That´s allright, and an overall 2nd place is not that bad either for the end of April. We were in a really good mood.

Pirate MHA

We gave everything and had lot´s of fun.

The next race is closing….

Pirate MHA

Having said this.
Pirates are participating at the triathlon relay races again.
Still a few to come… J



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