New Years Eve run in Mölln

Business before pleasure. I knew it, the day before. You ask why? I tell ya…

I had to purchase some beverages, so I started very early, because the start of the run would be at 13:00o´clock. I was amazed about the fact, that it went that fast, enter, pay and leaving the shop. So, I was very early at the start and was able to get myself the best parking lot.

The run was over 10,4km and 139m of altitude, which felt like more than a hundred ascents and made my life hell. The reason for this run was, that my exercise schedule told me to participate at a run like this on the 7th day of it. My overall goal is to be in perfect shape at a cross country run at the 13.01.2013 in Hamburg-Bergedorf.


But I wanted to run as hard as I could right from the beginning. You had to run 2 rounds, at the beginning everything went good, my soon my legs became more´n more heavier…


I suffered myself very much on the last 3km, because I heard steps behind me and I didn´t want them to pass me. Finally I ended up on the 9th place of 94 with a time 42:54min. Now I got one week of hard exercise in front of me and than it´s time to get things easy…
Leif Borlinghaus

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