Female Pirate in uncharted waters

On Saturday the 18.05.2013 I started for  the 1st time at a MTBO contest. MTBO means MTB-orientating, and I wanted to try this. Than it was time for it, thank you Olaf from Black Tusk Racing by toMotion for the invitation for the campus sprint in Mainz.
Pirate mtbo

The campus is like my 2nd home, since more than 10 years I spent my das thereand know him like my own pocket. It felt like I got a little home field advantage, but first of all I received a SI-Chip on my finger and…

Pirate mtbo

…and a card holder, it´s a weird to see and also a weird feeling.
Pirate mtbo

Just one minute before the start you received the cards and you got only one minute to think about, how to start well. But I needed more than one minute to fix the car into the holder and than I made up my way, a little bit delayed.

Because it´s a sprint, you had to ride for a minute and than you see the next guard, to registrate your chip and after 23:24min and 18 position I crossed the finish line.

Conclusion: It was all fun and my time is not bad at all. I also came to spots or locations I´ve never seen before. Now, I regreta little bit, that I haven´t rode to the next MTBO, the next day to Neustadt., but I knew the next MTBO contest will come, for sure.

By the way, I won my class, it was the open beginner class, with just 2 participants, but the 2nd needed more than the double than my time.



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