Triathlon while having ica and snow...

Well sounds even  more worse than it was, but we had a cold snap on the 27.04.2013, the day were the Neroman in Wiesbaden should start. It was raining while we had only 4degrees. The snow line was at 400m above sea level, and the bike course was not much lower than that. If you would know me the best, you knew, that I´m not the kind of winter sportswoman, but you´ll follow it during this bulletin.

My feet were frozen already before the swim start, luckily the water was 24degrees warm. I felt really comfortable and just needed 9:52min for the 500m of swimming. But than, fun was all over. I put my jacket on, headband, gloves. It felt like I needed an hour in the transition area. But I didn´t become more warm during the bike, I should have pulled over some more clothes.
Pirate Neroman

When I come back to the transition area, I almost wasn´t able to get off my bike shoes and than to put my running shoes on, because my feet and hands, fingers were all frozen. Running was real sux, because my feet were so cold. They didn´t feel like my feet, they felt like bricks. But finally after 5,4km and 27:52min my feet started to prickle, but to late, I was already in the finish area. I didn´t participate at the winner ceremony, who wants to wait for more than 2h while having this weather conditions???

When I was at home, I checked the results, I was 4th overall and 3rd in my AG…

Having said this: Normally swim is my worst time, bike my 2nd best and running m best, this time it was upside down. Never happened before. And: some special thanks to Uli Scherbaum, for the pictures.




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