Successful but displeased at the Polder Run…

But one after the other. At the 13.04.13 I participated at th 10km Polder Run in Mainz-Laubenheim under the best april weather conditions. I wasn´t quite sure what to wear and so I decided myself to wear a long but thin shirt and the trial suit- Luckily the rain stopped for the start, but it still was wet and because of this, my hair didn´t look that good ;-)
Pirate Polderlauf

To be honest, I ran the hardest 10km of my life. I wanted to run a 43, it would be a little bit better than my PB-time of 44:16min. Sadly I forget the wind on my calculation…
Pirate Polderlauf

Right from the beginning I ran 4:22min/km but had to fight with the winf a lot and there was no one in to give me wind shadow and the ground was all muddy and had large ponds and I looked like that I had run a cross country run.
Until 7km everything went good, allright I already suffered. I crossed the 7km line with 30:39 and I don´t know anmore what happened after this, if I burst, the wind or whatever. When I checked my watch again at 9km, I had 40:20min, my time w gone with the wind and so I ended up with a time of 44:46min.

Pirate Polderlauf

Anyhow, I took the 2nd place in the women´s race and 14th place overall. By the way, there weren´t that much participants. I wasn´t that satisfied, but the season just began.

Thank you TV Laubenheim for the picture.

Doro(thee Richters)


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