MTB European Championships of hobby and pro class in Singen

Every good viewer of the TV know, if you´re good in “ Singen”, you´re getting the “Recall”. But no fear, you don´t get bothered here by any expression of or by Dieter Bohlen. But if you were good in “ Singen”, you can soon call you proudly: UCI European Champion of the hobby or pro class, or you can receive your qualification for the World Championships and I´m sure anywhere was a “ Miss-voting of something…”.

While we had no rivals because of our shaved legs and with large load of motivation, we were about 5 Pirates ( Caro, Doro, Jan, Thomas and Mischa). All right officially three, because Doro and Jan wore the Sebamed-dress, which brought lots of luck to Doro, because she was the only one of us to finish the race quite proper.
Pirate Singen

Micha:  Because of the fact, that my UCI-account is empty, I had to start from the last start block, but also  it was really fast right from the beginning and they pushed the speed really hard. I just did it my way and trusted to my own tactic, finish the first round and than still got some energy left for the end of the 2nd round. One bad thing was, that because of the weather more and more of the others gave up or broke up with the race, so I wasn´t able to find a matching group and had to ride all alone against the wind and mud in the first round. And began the fight with the 2nd round. Soon, the course dried up again a bit, but the wind became more and because of the fact, that I had to push the pedals even on the downhill sections and  told a course guide that I wanted to cancel the race. After I cleaned up my bike a bit, I remarked that I had a flat tyre in the back and also a broken spoke. Anyway, I did not receive any points, but on my way back, I collected some points on my account in Flensburg. At least once  that day I was the fastest…
Pirate Singen

Caro: Racing a marathon is not my favourite or my speciality, but I wanted to get to know some other Pirates. And so I registered myself for the long distance. The weather could be a little bit warmer, but at least it didn´t rain that much. Anyhow the first round was all muddy and the wheels were spinning on this muddy ground, maybe I should have chosen another tyre pressure, well, I still had to go on with the race, giving up is nothing for myself. Than during the 2nd round while I was testing the ground, I fell off my bike, luckily only my helmet was damaged. Somehow I made to the finish, even I just ended up on the 13th place overall and 4th in my AG. At least it was an European Championship. But travelling here was worth it, because I met lot of nice Pirates.
Pirate Singen

Thomas: What should I tell you, everbody before told you about the weather, the slippery and muddy ground. Well, to be honest my weight and these conditions aren´t the best friends. My goal was to be in the leading group of the last block, than my inner part told me, that today is the wrong day to do so and my bike told me, that it doesn´t like a fast race today. At this point I want to say thank you to Jan, because he waited for me. Even he is a lucky owner of a license and was allowed to start with the pro´s. Like I said before, he waitwd for me and nothing with  pride and honour. A real sportsman. THANK YOU JAN.

But I wouldn´t be myself, if I wasn´t able to find something good about it. I was able to met some friends and mates after the long and dark winter and we could share our fun about it: Doro, Jan, Micha, Micha´s girlfriend Michaela, Micha´s dad Herbert and of course Caro, it was nice to meet you and not to forget our: UBI!!!

Just when I read down the lines I wrote I should correct something about the past dark winter time, it´s still dark winter time. What a season.

Keep on rockin the free world

Pirate Singen
Your Bütti


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