No swimming at the  IRONMAN 70.3 in  St. Pölten
Pirate St.Pölten

At the 7th edition of the 70.3 IRONMAN ST.PÖLTEN, they had fort he 1st time to cancel the swimming, because of the safety of the athletes. The rules tell it as well, first the safety of the athletes, told the race director Jürgen Gleiss. Ther ace started in waves with the bike part at 7:30o´clock.

Pirate St.Pölten

ST. PÖLTEN. It was a premier for a  IRONMAN 70.3. For the 1st time ever, the swimming was cancelled and the triathletes only did the bike and the run.
Pirate St.Pölten
We talked with the national and international experts and even the weather forecast ( ZAMG). Sadly the is no better weather in sight, and because of the temperatures we have no other choice. Even the Ironkids contest, was just a running event.
Pirate st.pölten

The pro´s of the Ironman 70.3 started at 7:30o´clock and the AG-athletes followed in waves.
Pirate St.Pölten

Tea from “Willi Dungl”, fort he inner heat to come back
Pirate St.Pölten

All the sportsmen from all over the world will be informed on the race discussion at 12 and at 13:30o´clock about the change of the race. Even the medical attendants will be prepared better for these weather conditions. The triathlete´s will have heated tents before the start.

Pirate St.Pölten

With the local tea provider “Willi Dungl” the were able to provide the athletes with hot tea. It was a race like in the winter.

Completely dresses at the cycling and no sweat on the running part.

Pirate St.Pölten

While the bike course  is wonderful and got a fantastic scenery.
Pirate St.Pölten

I was a little bit disappointed of this changed race, but I was satisfied wit my results and my performance.

90 km wintertime roadbike in 2:32:55h

21,1km wintertime half-marathon in 1:32:52h


Than we travelled to Italy for warming up again.

Pirate Pink

There, I was able to ride some stages of the Giro, like the Monte Carpegna and also I met: the PIRATA…
Pirate Pirata

Now I´m prepared for the Alps-Triathlon at the Schliersee on the 22.06.13.

Greetings, Daniel

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