Bulletin of Sundern 2013

No meat, no fish and everything is told about my result in Sundern over the short distance this year.

It´s a waste of time, to tell you, that it wasn´t my favorite conditions. Neither the ground which waited for me that day, the 26.04.13 in Sundern/ Hochsauerland. Temperatures around 3degrees, drizzle and the fact of not much exercise during the winter time promised no good result. Who care´s, I told you to start here and so do I, at least it was dry from above, but if you read my face, I wasn´t that happy about it. 3 layers in the top und downstairs short.

Pirate Sundern

I know before that it wouldn´t be my best race, because of the muddy ground,  and my qualities of rising downhill, I had to ride really fast to gain some meters or time on the bitumen part and after 2km I remarked that my tacho didnßt work. NO matter about this, I knew the course but don´t waste my energies in the beginning. As I thought before, I was slow on the downhill sections but on the uphill section I got it all back on two hills I choose to walk nd to push my bike, because sometimes pushing is faster than riding. By the way, I did some running during the winter…that helped…

The race was nothing spezial about, nothing happened, no problems, no bad material it worked, even because of the huge mud on it. Just the last trail, was really slippery and so I pushed my bike again. It was agood choice, while I was ushing I saw the one or another jumping or falling of their bikes.I just hoped that noone took a picture of me while I´m walking with Lisa.

Pirate Sundern

But, I lost some places because of it. I reached the finish quite happy, without any bruises or something. My result was satisfying but not that good. 4th place in my age group Sen1 and overall 15th of 54women. And in the ranking of men and women I was right in the middle 262 of 524.

Allerdings kostete mich diese "Schisser-Aktion" auch nochmal ein paar Plätze in der Gesamtwertung.

Pirate Sundern

Conclusion: I need to practise some more and Lisa is in need of a full bath.


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