They got to be maniac....
Most of the others must have thought this, when we told the others what we wanted to do. 
To ride the Schwalbe TransAlp Tour, powered by Sigma.
And what, well, they were right.
She: besides one visit in the Harz, she never been in the mountains.
He: looks like a shot-putter.
But we knew, we can do it, we thought, but than what came next? 
Everyday weather at its best, rain, cold, misty and more…holy shit…                

Pirate Transalp

The 2nd stage was just a neutral ride because of the heavy snow fall. We also had: hail on downhill parts. 
Temperatures below zero, of course rain and a sight of max. 40m because of the deep clouds in the mountains.
We froze by riding uphill…

Pirate Transalp

Everyday we wore our gloves, but than…
Sunshine at Lake Gardo…
What else to say??? Yes, we did it…
Pirate Transalp

And after a never ending 3rd a stage, we improved us and became better every day and passed more and more…
Pirate Transalp

We rode every km of the 900km together…
Pirate Transalp
For sure we had some ups and downs. We had a wonderful adviser with Achim at our side and also a lot of supporter back home.
Pirate Transalp

Shall we do it again?  
Silke: pure racing, mixed team Top30
Achim: silkes top-30-attandant 
Heiko: in future, just an adviser:-)))         

Heiko Lehmann   
Perfect Getaway 
Performance diagnostics
Leistungsdiagnostik Hamburg
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