Pirate Wicked Worldcup now Online

As you all now, after the CC-season is before the CC-season…


What a pity, that the CC-season is already over, now we have to wait autumn to come…


I like CC really much, but tell why it is only during the wintertime???

Because of the rising numbers of fans of this sports, I got this idea, by having a huge brainstorming, and which should come true…soon…
Basic Ideas :

Having a CC-series during the summer „ Pirate CC Summer Cup “, at this moment only possible in the north. Already interested organizers: Berlin, Bad Salzdetfurth, Alfsee and of course the final race in Hamburg

The start should be just one group, one class, allright divided into men and women and age-groups

Only short round distances, so the viewers can see us very often.

The events should take place on Saturdays with a following party and maybe under spotlight “ Race the Stars”…

 We already gor some sponsors, but we´re looking forward to find some more and also some organizers. You can find more information on:

2nd Idea: "Pirate Terror Track" Lane-series


But with this idea, we´re still in the beginning, the first thought: maybe once a month and maybe we find with that some new riders on or in our Velodrome…
More information under:

Party Idee..."Pirate Wicked Worldcup"

At the 01.06.2013 it´s time for: ….celebrating the birthday of our club with all our friends and members like the ideal of the US-CC-Fun-race
http://youtu.be/-1Ncvweq9Yg or http://youtu.be/7UKLLHxACl4

Please register early, because the limit of the race is 100 members: the few for participants is 30,00€ and for blackheads: 10,00€. In the few included is BBQ and softdrinks, of course you´re allowed to bring some booze…
Please register early under:
https://www.facebook.com/events/466273046752606/ or ron@pirate.biz
Here you can take a look at our Facebook presence :
Pirates Cyclocross Wicked Worldcup

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