What does a MTB, if her is boring and a weekend is closing?  Exactly she is search of a bike marathon. Her choice, the Kellerwald bike marathon in Hesse. Just a road trip of about 200km.
Pirate Kellerwald

Well, on Sunday morning at 4:00o´clock, I packed my stuff and travelled there. When I arrived in Gilserberg, I registered myself for the 80km distance with about 2000m of altitude and pulled on my pink Pirate jersey. Now, I was ready. My last marathon I rode a long time ago. Just moments before the start, I remarked that I haven´t packed a spare tyre nor an air pump, but who care´s??? I rode that fat thru Germany, just for cancel the race. I didn´t had a flat tyre in my whole races, so it won´t happen this time.

Starting signal and off we go, the speed was really high right from the beginning, sadly I wasn´t able to stay in touch with the leading group. It should just be an exercise race for me, so I rode as hard as I can and didn´t think about the ranking.

After 15km my bottle was empty, luckily the next aid station was at km30- When I passed 50km, I remarked, that I just being healthy again and free of any drugs, is there a race like this really the best thing? Maybe I was boring, because of these strange thoughts, but at least I felt good.

I finished the race, and know,that you can´t compare 80km MTB with 80km roadbike. You got the nice roads and scenery while riding MTB and you´re more exhausted. At the end, I took the 4th place in my age group. So, it was a quite satisfied weekend without getting bored.

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