Nordpark Duathlon Gladbach

I still had a bone to pick with these contest, the Run&Roll Nordpark Duathlon, from last year. Not because of the fact, that it was a bad race last year, no, I just wanted to finish Top15overall of about 300 participants. It shouldn´t be that easy, because their is always is strong field, tough guys from the premier league. This year I travelled there with Heike, it should be her 2nd Duathlon ever. So, we were heading towards Gladbeck , to rock the party.

Heike was a little bit nervous in front of the start, because of the lack of contest experience, but I knew that she would made it.

Pirate Gladbach

The Duathlon started with a 5k run, than 20k bike and finally 2,5k run again.

First of all: Doing the Rob and than it was time for the start. The women started separated from the men, 15 min ahead of them.
Pirate Gladbach#

Pirate Gladbach

Pirate Gladbach

Than it was time for the start, it was a superb thing, than I would be able to see Heike during the run and also on the bike course to cheer at her

The running was no easy thing for me, because most of the time I´m riding, because of the relay team in Roth. But it went quiet good by the way, I was able to run under 4min/km. Than the bike part, I decided myself to ride with baskets, so I wouldn´t have to change my shoes.When I sat on my bike, the first thought was: Heike, what´s up? Because it was a turning point course with 4 rounds to go, I knew I would see her somehow. There she is, looked great on her bike.

I did a great job on the bike, entering 47th the bike course and catched one after another. With my time for the 5k of 19:52min, the other ran around 18min. When I got back to the transition area, I was on the 15th place finally. YES….

The bike course was to short to create a large gap, which I needed because of the fast runners behind me. ON the running course I met Heike again. Still looked great. I just wanted to hold my 15th position, but soon I was passes and finally I ended up on the 19th place overall of 300.

Pirate Gladbach

AWESOME. I had the 10 fastest time on the bike part with an average speed of 38,1km/h. not bad, after a 5k run under 20.  Heike made a great job and I´m really proud of her, SHe finished on the 10th place overall of 50 and 2nd in her AG.
Pirate Gladbach

Pirate Gladbach

Pirate Gladbach

It was a fantastic contest and we had lots of fun.

It was an awesome race for Heike, while participating at her 2nd Duathlon ever…


Season is running and we´re on the move.





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