Eagle Marathon  in Goslar at the 20.7.2013

On Saturday the 20.07.13 I made myself up to take over the Harz. I wanted to ride 225km and 3500m of altitude that day. One day before I wasn´t all sure if I would make it, because I didn´t know anything about the race, But there was no way back. If I want to, I have to…

The organization by the RSV Adler( Eagle) in Goslar was fantastic. They offered guided groups and I said yes. Two guided attened us and watch out for us, so no one would end the race, before it´s all over. It was a wonderful day, the weather was all right, in the morning we had some clouds but soon they were chased away by the sun.

Pirate Goslar

But nothing works properly as you all know for sure. I had some problems. My largest, biggest enemy that day was my shifting gear. Soon, I lost the first and the second and so the 3rd became my smallest gear to ride. Nothing wrong bout that for my home course, but if you riding up the ascents in the Harz…my legs, m muscles burned, but you got to see the positive side of it. The exercise of my strength endurance and my muscles will grow now for sure. At the end, it wasn’t that hard or bad.
Pirate Goslar

The next two losses weren´t that bad. First my grab bandage, maybe it´s time for a new one, and maybe one with skulls? Later my tacho, but who care´s at least I was able to ride up and down. That´s the fact. Finally our group just rolled the last 30km until the finish. When we arrived I was really proud about myself and about my first RTF-Marathon. Because it was not a race, it was quite comfortable to ride and I think I´ll do it again. This race was like a dress rehearsal for my next bike marathon in August.

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