Moin Pirate, Moin Ron, 
here you can see a picture of all Pirates in the area of Bexhövede Loxstedt.

Pirate Bexhoevede

From left to right


Sponsor Company Junckers

Sponsor Company Laserpoint

Sponsor Harder Home Technics

Tobi, Pirate

Peter, not yet

Enrico, Pirate

Sven, Pirate

Marc, Pirate

Steffi, leider nicht

Thorsten, Pirate

Dieter, sadly not

Andre, not yet

Hagen, Pirate


SAdly not on this picture:


Ron Chief-Pirate and main-sponsor.

Thank you all

 Also, but without equipment:

Dazu kommt noch aber ohne Ausstattung


Holger, not yet Pirate and

Helge, not yet Pirate


Having said this: this is the Team Pirate in the area of Bexhövede Loxstedt Bremerhaven.

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