Moin and Ahoy to everyone...!!! 

Well, Roth is moving closer and closer.

After we met again and discussed everything, we now know, what for we like to suffer.


Why just 2 facilities?

That´s easy. We decided just to sponsor one single person, because we got the opinion that he deserves it. All of our support.

And he is: NOAH…

Why just Noah, you can watch, read it on his homepage. Our opinion is, that Noah, is also some kind of a PIRATE for all this he had to get through it and so, we´ll swim, cycle and run for him…


The other both facilities are : Running for kids, from a friend of ours, Peter Borsdorff and the other one is: Gleam of Hope.

I could tell you a long stor or better a fairy tale of Peter, but the main thing is, that we knew, that all the money he collects are coming to the kids, to few for collecting, for management ot other stuff. Just take a look on his homepage as well.

It´s unbeleivable what he have done in the last years…


The other on eis: Gleam of Hope, everyone knows it, I´m sure, and we are totally standing behind everything here. Just take a look at the homepage


Out thoughts are these...!!! 

We do a km donation. All together we have to run in Roth 226, And everyone who wants to, can donate anything. Afterwards, we´ll divide everthing by three and spent it to them
Right now until the 14.07.13 you can donate for our relay team in Roth and for a better life.


3.8 KM Swim - 180 KM Bike - 42.2 KM Run = 226 KM 
Like I said before the total will be divided by three and seperated in three equal parts to the three facilities.

Account : Charity 226
Account Number : 0187453600
Bank Code : 37080040
Usage : Charity 226 

Jsut a short explanation, why.

We want to finish SUB9. And so, we would end up under the first TOP25 relay teams in Roth of all 600 relay teams.
Just because we´re no pro´s, we have to kick our asses, while we´re exercising and racing… We have to…

As a small thing of motivation for this event, we thought about having a goal to achieve, even when we don´t want to exercise, while it´s raining or cold outside.

Please, help and support us, or better, help and support:

Noah Running for Kids and Lichtblicke….

Well, having said this, you can also donate some money

ATTACK…!!! J))

Pirate Challenge

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