Robby and Beni on Tour

This weekend we had 2 races on the schedule. First in Celle, than a Premier League Race in Elxleben

On Saturday, we had a quick start and soon I was right in the leading group.Pirate Celle

Because of the prizes in between the race, we had lot´s of sprints during the race and I was able to win some. Luckily the wet course fit me and we had no throwing thumbtacks´like in the following race.

At the end I finished 2nd and Robby became 8th, even with a thumbtack in his tyre. Well, the Conti-tyre did it´s work properly, even with the thumbtack in for 7 rounds…

Pirate Celle

The next day, a nice ascent of 18% waited for us girls and weh ad to ride it 8times. Together the race was 84km long and about 50 girls participated.

Pirate Celle

I was able to right with the leading group at the whole race, but  3rounds before the end, two riders escaped. On the alst ascents the group splitted again and I hold contct to the first group. At the end I took the 9th place overall and in the Premier League I´m now on the 15th place.
Pirate Erxleben
Next weekend we´ll travel to the German Championships, I hope that I can do equally…

Your  Beni

Pirate Erxleben

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