Time to chill and BBQ in the Olympic Park of Munich, some other 24h race….

It was time again, time fort he 24h race in the Olympic Park of Munich, and for sure, Pirates aren´t allowed to fail. Even if we took this year more time to chill and to BBQ. But as you all know, if we do something we do it good.

Raini and myself needed more than 8h from Bremen to arrive here, A trip, car fully packed and no air-conditions. At the Coubertin place in Munich we met Bütti, who already hissed our flag. It was my job to get the BBQ ready, even because of the fact, that I wasn´t able to ride, because of my collar bone surgery. And the guys built up this:
Pirate Munich

Not to be overseen, or what???

Some time to pose:
Pirate Moonreker

Than Raini built up his cycle trainer and our neighbours started to wonder, than he told them, that our first rider, will do the first rpound on a road bike and than we will change to MTB. First of all, they believed him, than he replied, it´s our own business, but he didn´t see my flip flop´s.
Pirate Moonreker

The cycle trainer was really interesting for the others, because all stared at us or me. Tourists of
Japan photographed me and the team of Lightweight ask me, if the 24h race wouldn´t be enough for us. But what should I do, if I´m not allowed to race. Maybe get a link with  the tally counter. Than it was time to start, but the Pirates didn´t bother, because of talking to much
Pirate Munich

Christian was really hot…
Pirate Munich

Here a picture of both K-Brothers, one of them working and one is resting…
Pirate München

His excellence “ BÜTTI – King of Württemberg…
Pirate München

And Michi...be careful don´t get wet, but several times, some riders became wet…
Pirate München

Lothar didn´t bother about the others, at this point he passesa women left hand side…
Pirate Munich

Bütti had his fun elsewise with the girls…
Pirate Bütti

Please tell me. Did you ride or just tried to get up with the girls?

At 17:00o´clock, we started up with the BBQ, and 4 mixed team, well, the 3 special mix team, by the way no ranking for this, cancelled the race and just let the double teams do their jobs and at 23:00o´clock, we slept…

Marcel liked to push his MTB
Pirate Munich

But does it have to be downhill as well???
Pirate Munich

We lost Lothar at 6:00o´clock in the morning, when we took breakfast at 9:00o´clock still no sight of him, but than when we checked the results, we saw, that he rode a marathon and we lost our last place.
Dare you…
Pirate Lothar

To be honest, he didn´want to disappoint his fans.
Pirate Lothar

Yes, you see it right, even Raini rode some rounds in between…:
Pirate rainie

Just to say good bye, he received a flat tyre just in front of  a picture maker…
Pirate Raini

Slowly Flo became tired, but he still was in a good mood. Michi liked that…
Pirate München

What about his royaltiy? He remarked, that a PINK KING is an eye catcher, but at this point, it looks like that he wants to keelhaul someone…
Pirate Bütti

Keelhaul, I would have done it with the thief who stole my sweaty orange jersey. First in
Austria my helmet and now…you have to lock everything at an 24h race. Don´t know, you can buy it in the O-shop…

Than, finally the fun was all over again, Raini gifted a young fellower his Pirate flag, he was really pride with it.

4èr Mixed      Team Pirate            29 rounds              35th place     
(Rainer van Ellen, Lothar Stoiber, Thomas Büttner, Monika Reker)

2èr M          Team Pirate 2  47 rouns              31st place
(Florian Kraatz, Michael Heins)

2èr M          The K-Brothers/ Team Pirate    31 Runden      36th place
(Marcel & Christian Krahmann)

See you soon and Munich is always worth travelling…


Moni Moonreker

"Pirate München-Crew"

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