Public Domain European MTB Championships in Singen (Hohentwiel)

We spent the Ascension Day Weekend in Hegau. Because of the fact, that in Singen took part the MTB marathon Championships of the Pro´s and even of the public domain, we entered our accommodation in Gottmadingen.

When we arrived we had nice weather and made our way to take a look at the course.  Almost no forest, just fields and meadows and so the course was windy.
Pirate Singen

On Friday it kept raining the whole day and so, we took a day off and visited Constance and Lake Constance. On Saturday we also rode some km`s on the course. The ground was really muddy and upcoming showers did their best for this as well. Luckily it was dry on Sunday, but all the meadows were soft so, you wasn´t able to ride all the time.

Sometime during the race, Sabine Spitz passed me, she started half an hour earlier than me, and already got 28km in her legs. Uphill I was able to stay close to her, but on the following muddy trail I lost sight of her really fast and I became a little bit frustrated.

After 49km I crossed the finish line for the first time, and I thought about staying here, but another thought of a better placement, pushed me forward into the 2nd round. The 2nd round went really good, my legs felt good and I collected some other riders, which pushed me as well.
When I crossed for the 2nd time the finish line after 80km, ( officially just 75km) with a time of
4:43h I was all dirty but satisfied. In the finish area I met Jan and Thomas. Than Jan checked the results and told me, that I become Vice-European Champion in the main class of the women..
Pirate singen

They also offered a winner ceremony for all the age-groups and I was the only one on the podium who hasn´t showered already. Because I still had to travel to Gottmadingen, where my shower waited for me.



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